JN Data Ensures Stable and Secure Tape Storage That Supports Mergers by Using a Reliable, Modular, Library Storage System
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JN Data Ensures Stable and Secure Tape Storage That Supports Mergers by Using a Reliable, Modular, Library Storage System

  • Oracle Customer:  JN Data A/S
    Location:  Silkeborg, Denmark
    Industry:  Financial Services
    Employees:  500
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

JN Data A/S is an IT services provider for two Danish banks, Nykredit and Jyske Bank. The company also provides IT services for three additional banking IT companies—Bankernes EDB Central (BEC), Skandinavisk Datacenter (SDC), and Bankdata (BD). One-third of the financial customers in Denmark currently depend on JN Data’s services.

Denmark’s financial sector recently experienced several mergers. JN Data went through three consecutive mergers with new partners―BEC, SDC, and BD― all which used IBM tape technology. The company needed to consolidate tape storage for banking transaction data from these three partners onto a single platform to ensure stable and secure operation and easy administration during the mergers.

To deal with the challenge, JN Data deployed Oracle’s StorageTek technology. This solution has enabled the company to achieve a stable, secure, standardized, and very reliable storage environment, not only during the critical mergers, but also for normal operation. In addition, Oracle’s storage solution has reduced floor space and the total cost of ownership for JN Data’s storage technology.




A word from JN Data A/S

  • "Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500 and SL3000 modular library systems have enabled us to successfully carry out three consecutive mergers with new partners and consolidate all banking transaction data onto a single platform, providing a stable, secure, standardized, and a very reliable storage environment." – Søren Engel Mortensen, Head of Department Storage, JN Data A/S

  • Create a stable, secure, and efficient operation during three consecutive mergers with new IT service partners that were all using IBM tape technology
  • Consolidate storage of the new partners’ banking transaction data on a single platform
  • Provide stable, reliable, and highly available storage services for one-third of all financial customers in Denmark


  • Consolidated all of JN Data’s multiple virtual storage activities onto a single storage platform―Oracle StorageTek SL8500 modular library system―which will enable the company to leverage its staff regardless of location or previous methodology
  • Deployed Oracle’s storage solution, involving one StorageTek SL8500 and one StorageTek SL3000 to carry out the mergers and consolidate the new partners’ banking transaction data into a single library
  • Imported tapes to StorageTek SL3000 through StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager System, using a tape copy product with more flexibility, allowing more time to prepare for the merger, and finally switching to using the existing StorageTek SL8500 when in production
  • Achieved stability, reliability, and availability with a storage system with zero downtime
  • Improved economy by reducing the need for expensive floor space, saving approximately 40 to 50 square meters
  • Utilized the standardized storage environment to save half of the educational effort that would have been required to train staff how to use two storage systems, thus maintaining the high skill levels required for company employees
  • Decreased total cost of ownership by enabling all customers to use the same tape setup
  • Enabled scalability to meet a growing need for tape storage, estimated to increase by 10% to15% over the next few years