Kuwait Gulf Oil Company Aggregates Ledgers, Enhances Financial Reporting, and Completes Payroll 10x Faster with Standardized, Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning
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Kuwait Gulf Oil Company Aggregates Ledgers, Enhances Financial Reporting, and Completes Payroll 10x Faster with Standardized, Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning

The Kuwait Gulf Oil Company is an oil and gas exploration subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. Operating in the Divided Zone (DZ) between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the company is responsible for managing Kuwait’s share of the natural resources in Wafra Joint Operations, located in the DZ, and Khafji Joint Operations, located near Khafji, Saudi Arabia. The two countries share the reserves equally, working together to extract, refine, and market them for mutual benefit.

The Kuwait Gulf Oil Company explores, develops, and produces hydrocarbons in the DZ, while being a secure and reliable supplier to customers, delivering on commitments to stakeholders, and operating in a compliant, profitable, safe, and environmentally responsible manner.




A word from Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation)

  • “As sole technology vendor for this project, Oracle has provided all the hardware, software, and implementation expertise we needed to bring our finances and human resources in line with other subsidiaries in the Kuwait Petroleum Company. We can now process payroll 10x faster and produce timely, ad hoc reports for senior management.”– Syed M. Haider (PMP), Technology Advisor, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company

  • Standardize financial and human resources (HR) business processes in-line with every other subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation to ensure internal compliance, best practices, and consistent reporting
  • Deploy an industry-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to facilitate the flow of information between business functions inside the boundaries of the oil and gas company and manage the connections to external stakeholders
  • Enable departments to create financial and employee reports quickly and simply for senior management
  • Accelerate payroll process across the oil company’s diverse operations


  • Deployed Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition and Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 modules, including Oracle Financials and Oracle Human Resources Management System, on SPARC Enterprise M5000 servers to ensure consistent compliance and best practices across the oil and gas company operating in the oil-rich DZ
  • Used Oracle Financials for the ability to support multiple currencies, manage multiple ledgers more efficiently, and to combine data into a single ledger set, providing the benefit of aggregated, summarized balances for at-a-glance insight
  • Used Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher to produce accurate, timely, highly-formatted reports for senior management to drive more informed decisions and business planning
  • Accelerated the time required to run employee payrolls, allowing HR staff to focus on other tasks and enable employees to verify payment in just four minutes, rather than 40 minutes
  • Delivered a tailored, mission-critical Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 implementation and support services through Oracle Advanced Customer Support (ACS) Services, to help maintain and maximize performance of all Oracle mission-critical systems, and provided user training to jumpstart adoption and optimize benefits of the new applications

Why Oracle

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, the parent company of the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, standardized Oracle E-Business Suite as the ERP solution for its subsidiaries. Kuwait Gulf Oil Company issued a request for proposals to all Oracle Certified Gold Partners operating in Kuwait for Oracle software licenses, maintenance support, and consultancy services. Kuwait Gulf Oil Company chose Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services based in Egypt through the selected local Oracle Gold Partner, and it now benefits from having Oracle as the sole vendor to contact for hardware, software, and support.

Oracle Advanced Customer Support (ACS) Services' unique approach to building a collaborative, long term relationship with Kuwait Gulf Oil Company's IT team provided a highly integrated path to help the customer meet its complex IT requirements. ACS engineers delivered proactive and preventive support using advanced diagnostic tools to help increase system availability, reduce risk and accelerate ROI across the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company's Oracle deployment. By adhering to strict project management techniques, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company along with ACS, managed to implement Oracle E-Business Suite two months ahead of the planned timelines.

“Oracle is now providing us with tightly integrated systems designed from the outset for the very best performance,” said Adel H. Shishter (CISA), team leader, information technology, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company. “Since all of our hardware, software, and applications are from a single vendor, we have very clear roadmaps for the future and believe we are in the best possible position to obtain unrivalled support, all from one source.”