Kiabi Provides Store Managers with Monthly Earnings Statements in Four Business Days to Support Continued Retail Growth
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Kiabi Provides Store Managers with Monthly Earnings Statements in Four Business Days to Support Continued Retail Growth

  • Oracle Customer:  Kiabi
    Location:  Hem, France
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  7,000
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

Since its formation in 1978, Kiabi, a ready-to-wear retail group based in France, has experienced strong growth, driven by offering current fashion at low prices. The company sells cost-conscious clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. To date, the Kiabi network has more than 400 sales outlets in France and the French overseas territories, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Russia. 




A word from Kiabi

  • “Thanks to the Oracle Hyperion indicator dashboards, our store managers can review their sales performance and easily share ideas and management best practices, supporting continued business growth.” – Philippe Pauwels, Financial Information Systems Manager, Kiabi

  • Support strong global growth by implementing management tools to meet the needs of its accountants, retail outlet managers, and decision-makers at each level
  • Equip each country’s management and accounting teams with efficient budget simulation and control tools to ensure the best decisions regarding ready-to-wear clothing procurement
  • Provide store managers with reliable, consistent financial data to monitor individual retail store performance—including cost analyses, such as operating costs and performance comparisons for regional stores—to empower operations changes, as appropriate
  • Deliver group business data to decision-makers


  • Reduced the time needed to access gross earnings and cost data from 10 to 4 working days for 300 sales outlet managers, making local management more responsive
  • Enabled head office and sales outlet managers to make more timely organizational decisions with access to consolidated monthly statements on clothing and fashion accessory sales
  • Enabled financial and administrative shared services center to autonomously prepare customized statements, simulations, and reports without assistance from the information technology department, thanks to the intuitive usability of Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting
  • Provided comparative analyses every ten days, something not previously available
  • Ensured better visibility and responsiveness  for the entire ready-to-wear clothing group by sharing reliable business data, including costs reported from individual stores, general management, and shared financial services in all countries
  • Reduced time, from several minutes to few seconds, for sales-outlet managers to access their own sales and financial analysis data by upgrading Oracle Hyperion modules to version 11, accelerating their decisions
  • Raised sales outlet manager satisfaction by integrating Excel with Oracle Hyperion Workspace version 11, enabling managers to conduct additional analysis on the fly with a familiar tool

Why Oracle

Kiabi selected Oracle Hyperion software because it integrated seamlessly with the Oracle E-Business Suite solution used by the group for the last 14 years. The solution also provided the necessary tools to help streamline financial management for 400 sales outlets.

“For us, there was no question about deciding to implement Oracle Hyperion because, contrary to its competitors, the modules can be directly integrated into Oracle E-Business Suite, which is the core of our technology platform. The solution guarantees reliability of our financial system and precision to the nearest Euro, which is indispensable in maintaining our growth trend,” said Philippe Pauwels, financial information systems manager, Kiabi.