Kiloutou S.A. Expands and Serves More Than 4 Million Clients by Using Service Oriented Architecture
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Kiloutou S.A. Expands and Serves More Than 4 Million Clients by Using Service Oriented Architecture

A major player in the construction rental market in France, Kiloutou S.A. offers professionals, midsize businesses, large companies, and individuals a wide range of materials for structural work, including finishing, tooling, commercial vehicles, and gardening equipment through a network of more than 300 agencies. Its business unit, Kiloutou Global Services, is responsible for pooling all rental contracts at the national level and improving the management of construction site material rental at an international level. With more than 1,500 rental product offerings, 650 partner rental firms, and more than 4 million visitors, the Kiloutou Website provides professionals with a single, leading marketplace for construction materials, vehicles, and business-to-business services. To support its growth and accelerate the provision of new services to professionals, Kiloutou established a service-oriented architecture, based on Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle WebLogic Suite. The organization has implemented several Web service packages—including supplier sourcing, the client marketplace, and the client extranet—in an average time of four months, facilitating the management of the company’s materials rental service. The reuse of Web services will also enable Kiloutou to save time on future rollouts of business applications, including those based on cloud computing.




A word from Kiloutou S.A.

  • "Thanks to Oracle’s solutions, we have successfully made new Web services available in an average of four months, supporting the company’s goal to optimize rental management in our market. The Oracle solution enables us to keep track of our inter-application flows and ensure the future upgradeability of our IT platform, while also complying with current technological standards." – Jean-Michel Dos Santos, Back Office Research Manager, Kiloutou S.A.

  • Prepare the technical and software architecture of the company's information system for future business application developments and provide support for growth by establishing a service-oriented architecture framework for Web services
  • Accelerate the provision of Web services adapted to Kiloutou's material rental business needs
  • Enable suppliers and clients of the Kiloutou Global Services marketplace to access value-added applications and information for construction rentals
  • Optimize time to market and return on investments for Web-based construction rental services and guarantee the evolution of the information system to new cloud computing-based IT models


  • Implemented a new service-oriented architecture, based onOracle SOA Suite and Oracle WebLogic Suite, following the production of a proof of concept by Oracle partner Easyteam
  • Made new Web services for the equipment rental site available in an average of four months, enhancing the pooling of materials rentals offered by Kiloutou Global Services in the French market and enabling customers to access rental activity management information via private access to the Kiloutou online marketplace
  • Rolled out the first Web service package, providing 650 suppliers and partner rental firms with direct access to material-pricing applications and ongoing orders on the extranet thanks to the connection to Oracle Database and Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 through Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
  • Rolled out a second package for the online marketplace, providing 4 million visitors with direct access, via one click, to public prices negotiated for professionals and direct online ordering, thanks to the SOA architecture
  • Provided professional marketplace clients, in just two months, with new Web quotation and billing consultation services for construction equipment rentals while offering access to the history of their data over two years, thanks to the connection of the Oracle Database 11g data warehouse to Web Services via Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
  • Improved control and monitoring of inter-application flows between Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, and services via Oracle BPEL Process Manager , enabling delivery of new B2B and B2C functionalities on time, with guaranteed availability and accessibility
  • Optimized Web service usage and supervision, thanks to Oracle WebLogic application server and the upcoming migration to a cluster architecture to improve availability of all services in production
  • Enabled the organization to ease the transition to a services-based Cloud Computing model

Why Oracle

“By choosing Oracle solutions, Kiloutou S.A can advance smoothly and easily toward a service-oriented architecture in compliance with market standards, while guaranteeing the stability of our platforms. Furthermore, Oracle's SOA approach will enable us to save time on our future application rollouts and ease the transition of our IT base to a cloud computing model,” said Jean-Michel Dos Santos, back office research manager, Kiloutou S.A.


Oracle partner Easyteam worked on the production of a proof of concept, the integration of the Oracle SOA Suite solution, training stages, and technical functional support.