Kodak Improves Business-to-Business Customer Service with Cloud-Based, Customer-Experience Platform

Kodak Improves Business-to-Business Customer Service with Cloud-Based, Customer-Experience Platform

Eastman Kodak Company is an American technology company focused on imaging innovations for businesses. Though Kodak has been known for its historic role in photography, the company has served the imaging needs of many industries since the early 1900s. Its current portfolio is based on deep technological expertise in materials science, coatings and substrate applications, and digital-imaging science. Kodak’s solutions include digital presses that can print a 260-page novel in 2.25 seconds, flexographic systems that make packaging more vibrant and eye-catching, continuous manufacturing processes to mass-produce touch-screen sensors, and devices that create more than 30% of the digital plates used for offset printing worldwide.

Over the years, Kodak had purchased a number of businesses, each with its own service system and knowledge base. As such, the company did not have an enterprisewide view of its customers. Kodak looked to standardize its customer relationship management (CRM) environment across its business-to-business (B2B) operations, which form the core of the reorganized company. One platform would allow it to scale across the globe and present one face to the customer.
Kodak selected Oracle Service Cloud because the solution allows it to understand how to best serve its customers, manage interactions consistently across all channels, seamlessly transitioning from self service to assisted service when necessary and tailor experiences to meet customer needs. To achieve this, Kodak deployed the Oracle RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service, Oracle RightNow Web Cloud Service, Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service and Oracle RightNow Knowledge Cloud Service. This comprehensive customer-service approach enabled Kodak to create an integrated knowledge base and CRM environment across its B2B business that yields improved customer service and insight.

“We wanted to globally consolidate knowledge that resided in more than 40 distinct knowledge bases,” said John Bustard, worldwide director, service technology, Kodak. “Oracle Service Cloud empowers us to effectively and fully use our global knowledge to deliver superior customer service. We are accelerating responses to customer inquiries as well as doing a much better job sharing and perpetuating institutional knowledge.”

Today, with Oracle Service Cloud’s incident response functionality, Kodak has improved its ability to rapidly follow up on concerns flagged during customer feedback surveys, raising overall satisfaction. Kodak also found after deployment that customers quickly logged over 20% of service incidents through the web interface instead of through telephone support.

Kodak’s Oracle Service Cloud environment is integrated with the company’s SAP applications, which serve as its system of record. SAP is used for managing service contracts and entitlements which are integrated to Oracle RightNow solutions used for incident management, knowledge, and web deployment. Using analytical applications, the company has expanded visibility into key metrics, such as average handling time and profitability.

Kodak is focused on building communities for process improvement and knowledge sharing, and it plans to use Oracle Service Cloud as the foundation for these initiatives.

Kodak also uses Oracle Service Cloud to support its business-to-consumer (B2C) operations. Oracle Service Cloud helps the company to provide service to partners that continue to support the company’s B2C solutions. It allows partners to access information behind the firewall without compromising the security of Kodak’s proprietary data and assets.

A word from Eastman Kodak Company

  • "Oracle Service Cloud solutions are foundational to the new Kodak. They enable us to provide world-class service to our business-to-business customers who rely on our commercial imaging solutions to drive their businesses forward." – John Bustard, Worldwide Director, Service Technology, Kodak



Why Oracle

“We selected Oracle Service Cloud as our B2B solution for incident management, knowledge, and web enablement for several reasons, including its strong track record with the Kodak groups already using the solutions,” said John Bustard, worldwide director, service technology, Kodak. “In addition, Oracle Service Cloud was leading the industry and not trailing it. The solution’s HTML-to-web capabilities were also a win.”