Konkuk University’s Next Generation Student-Information System Processes Course Registrations 5x Faster
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Konkuk University’s Next Generation Student-Information System Processes Course Registrations 5x Faster

Established in 1946, Konkuk University is one of Korea’s leading higher education institutions, serving 30,000 local and international students via its Seoul and Glocal campuses. It has 22 undergraduate colleges and graduate schools, and four professional schools for architecture, law, business, and medicine.




A word from Konkuk University

  • “We chose Oracle Database Appliance to centralize our student information system because it offered high performance, efficiency, reliability, and is easy to use—the perfect solution for education institutions that offer academic and general administrative services. We can process course registrations 5x faster and have reduced system maintenance costs by 13%.” – Giyeol Nam, Assistant Manager and Software Architect, Information Management Team, Office of Information and Communications, Konkuk University

  • Implement a single, integrated student information system to provide seamless support for 28,670 students during the one-week, course registration period before every semester
  • Reduce CPU usage that was at 100% capacity during course registration period to ensure all systems across campus are accessible
  • Accelerate and streamline course registration and make information more accessible throughout the year to reduce administrative burden and increase staff productivity
  • Decrease volume of student complaints about connection delays and improve student satisfaction by providing a centralized, high performance, and reliable student information system


Oracle Product and Services

  • Enabled staff to process student registration and enrollment services 5x faster by implementing Oracle Database Appliance
  • Cut CPU usage from 100% to no more than 15% during the busiest course registration period, accelerating the process and minimizing slowdowns affecting other systems by implementing Oracle Database Appliance
  • Reduced system maintenance costs by 13% by integrating software, server, storage, and networking capabilities into a single system
  • Consolidated three servers into one and enabled more efficient use of server resources for websites, report creation, and testing
  • Improved work efficiency and system stability by reducing combined database server usage from 100% at peak times to less than 30% during course registration period
  • Improved student satisfaction by providing a high performance and reliable database that enables 28,670 students to efficiently access course availability, fees, and registration status
  • Increased school staff, administrative, and IT team productivity by minimizing time spent on handling student complaints and focusing on normal workload

Why Oracle

Konkuk selected Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Database to centralize student administration services on a single information system that delivers high performance, reliability, efficiency, and ease of use at a low cost. 

“Oracle Database Appliance is a perfect fit for education institutions that offer academic and general administration services and strive to improve student satisfaction,” said Giyeol Nam, assistant manager and software architect, information management team, Office of Information and Communications, Konkuk University.

“By implementing Oracle solutions, we effectively automated and integrated student administration processes by consolidating disparate databases and replacing inefficient servers with a single system,” Nam said.

Implementation Process

In July 2012, Konkuk University completed implementation of Oracle Database Appliance with support from Oracle Consulting and partner DMI Systems. It implemented the system, including data migration, in just two days.


DMI Systems, an IT service company, managed the project—from planning through rollout of Oracle Database Appliance.

“DMI Systems applied its experience with Oracle Database Appliance and the higher education sector to lead an effective and efficient implementation. It has also contributed to successfully completing the project by providing a high-level of IT expertise with customized solutions,” Nam said.