Kroll Factual Data Cuts Costs, Adds Performance With Xsigo

Kroll Factual Data Cuts Costs, Adds Performance With Xsigo

Kroll Factual Data, a member of the Altegrity family of businesses and a division of Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting company, provides credit reporting and independent verification services to mortgage lenders and investors, banks, credit unions, insurers, property management firms, regulatory and government agencies and other businesses across the United States. As an example of the firm’s services, when a mortgage originator needs to check an applicant’s credit, verify other requirements (e.g. employment, deposits, identification, etc.), and comply with government regulations, Kroll Factual Data is the go-to-provider of the needed information.

From their Colorado-based data center, the firm’s nationwide service responds to over 300,000 information queries per day.

Business Challenges

The company’s primary challenge was to increase I/O capacity to support the growing volume of client queries. Kroll Factual Data had virtualized its servers and storage, and therefore had the flexibility to re-allocate those resources as needed. However, the company’s fixed 1G infrastructure limited both performance and flexibility, which ultimately limited efficiency.

“We generate a tremendous amount of server-to-server traffic as data moves among our various proprietary applications spread across 700 plus virtual machines, and that puts load on the network that can cause unpredictable performance,” commented Galen Wiles, Kroll Factual Data’s Director of IT. “Eliminating those bottlenecks was a key objective of this project.”

Redundancy across all I/O connections was also essential to meet the stringent uptime objectives. And a simpler, consolidated infrastructure was desired to further increase efficiency and to accelerate future scaling projects.

Alternatives Considered

Solution Deployed

Results Achieved

Agility Brings Quick Problem Resolution

Future Plans




  • I/O bottlenecks arising from increasing server-to-server traffic crossing the network
  • Needed redundancy on all I/O connections to meet stringent uptime objectives
  • Sought to complete virtualization landscape with virtual I/O


Oracle Product and Services

  • Xsigo
  • 6X more bandwidth to each blade chassis
  • Full redundancy on all Fibre Channel and Ethernet server I/O connections
  • 50% less I/O cost, $15,000 savings per blade chassis
  • I/O bottleneck issue resolved in two hours vs. five days

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