Laboratorios Casasco Automates Pharmaceutical Storage and Packaging While Reducing Inventory Time by 50%
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Laboratorios Casasco Automates Pharmaceutical Storage and Packaging While Reducing Inventory Time by 50%

Founded in 1876, Laboratorios Casasco SAIC (Casasco), an Argentine-owned pharmaceutical company and laboratory, produces more than 130 products, including allergy, cardiological, dermatological, neurological, pediatric, and psychiatric medicines.

Casasco serves domestic and international markets, with sales offices and a manufacturing plant in the city of Buenos Aires, plus another plant with two warehouses in the city of Pilar. Additionally, Casasco partners with Farmanet—a medical distribution company.




A word from Laboratorios Casasco SAIC

  • "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Warehouse Management helps our company grow due to the efficiency and reliability it brings to pharmaceutical warehouse management. By using this on mobile devices, we can confirm, online, the location and availability of products, which is key in the pharmaceutical industry." – Gabriel Grosso, CIO, Laboratorios Casasco SAIC

  • Automate transportation and storage of raw materials, package development, and  purchasing to simplify manufacturing medicinal products
  • Establish rules for warehouse organization, ensuring correct raw-material-pallet management and product packaging to optimize rotation to address expiration dates
  • Improve receiving material at warehouses, internal movements, transfer between plants, and raw material outputs—to comply with pharmaceutical and industry regulations and ensure the quality of the products entering and leaving the plant


  • Implemented Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Warehouse Management to manage two warehouses used to store raw materials for the manufacture and packaging of medicine, as well as to automate inventory management
  • Enabled warehouse operators to access JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Warehouse Management via their mobile devices to accelerate locating raw material, optimize packaging, and automate registration of each product in the system
  • Integrated all supply information in the application—including empty and occupied positions on 16 shelves with more than 6,000 total positions—replacing spreadsheets and eliminating errors in the product-location process
  • Accelerated inventory control—establishing rules for optimal placement in the product warehouse and material location data registration, reducing the time to complete a physical count from two days to one day—meeting the requirements of inspection authorities, like the National Institute of Drugs
  • Optimized processes for receiving material at the warehouse, internal movement of material, transfer between plants, and raw material and packaging output—helping the organization decide with certainty which supplies to purchase
  • Ensured following the first-expired, first-out process, which is critical to the pharmaceutical industry

Why Oracle

In addition to Oracle, the company also evaluated other warehouse management systems from different providers.

"Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne suite is very robust, and we can enable our operators to directly access it on their handheld devices from the warehouse floor. These factors were key in our selection of the Oracle solution," said Gabriel Grosso, CIO, Laboratorios Casasco. "No other product provided native integration with our purchasing system, complied with all the industry standards we need to follow, and gave us mobile access to online inventory data."

Implementation Process

Laboratorios Casasco SAIC implemented Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Warehouse Management with Oracle partner Info Consulting SA. The team carried out the deployment in six months, within the estimated time and budget. The solution went into production in March 2013. 

"We chose a world-class tool that complies with our requirements without adding the complexity of adaptations and additional interfaces—enabling us to complete a standard implementation," said Grosso.

"The Engineering and Logistics department was in charge of labeling more than 6,000 positions across the two warehouses with bar codes. We adapted the handheld devices that operators use in the warehouses to link them directly to the JD Edwards system and provide users with online access, complying with the requirements of the industry regarding rotation and expiration of the products," said Grosso.


Info Consulting implemented Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Warehouse Management for Laboratorios Casasco.

"Info Consulting’s implementation support was excellent. The organization was in charge of tool parameterization and business rules establishment and provided a dedicated project manager to work with us. The team completed a turnkey project, from the initial survey, to the implementation. Info Consulting also developed the manuals and trained the users," said Grosso.