Lafarge Gains Competitive Edge by Boosting Sales Force Efficiency
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Lafarge Gains Competitive Edge by Boosting Sales Force Efficiency

Lafarge is a global leader in construction materials manufacturing, operating in 64 countries. It is the world’s largest cement producer, second largest provider of aggregate construction materials, and the fourth largest concrete manufacturer. The company developed and operates the first research center for construction materials.




A word from Lafarge

  • “Thanks to Oracle CRM On Demand, our sales force, customer service, and marketing teams now all share the same tool. As such, we have a complete view of our customers, which helps us effectively meet their sales and service needs, efficiently solve any delivery problems, and better promote our innovative and competitive products in the sustainable construction market.” — Nicolas Bouffier, Project Management Officer, CRM Program, Lafarge

  • Increase sales force efficiency to respond to prevailing market requirements
  • Improve ability to capitalize on customer information to better anticipate construction projects and ensuing requirements and more effectively promote new and more eco-friendly Lafarge materials
  • Manage customer opportunities more advantageously in order to counter pressure on margins, particularly for products affected by the rise in energy costs
  • Align sales more closely to plant production capacity


Oracle Product and Services

  • Improved sales force efficiency and effectiveness with Oracle CRM On Demand, which provides a single and complete view of each customer relationship―including outstanding bills, solvency, claims―instead of navigating between several applications
  • Gave sales managers the ability to access their teams’ sales reports, which include information on the status of relationships and deals, enabling them to coach more effectively and better monitor the sales pipeline
  • Improved ability to proactively identify opportunities and effectively sell the company’s  value-added products thanks to a better understanding of upcoming customer projects
  • Aligned sales more precisely to the production capacity of cement and concrete mixing plants by better anticipating customers’ needs
  • Improved customer satisfaction by rapidly identifying any problems―late delivery of concrete, for example―and consistently following up on claims via an automated workflow
  • Boosted the Lafarge group’s image with those who have purchasing power, notably architects, thanks to more informed account managers
  • Ensured customer knowledge retention even if a salesperson resigns as all customer information resides in a central database

Why Oracle

Lafarge selected Oracle CRM On Demand over three competitors due to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This approach is well-suited for the group’s many units―each the size of a small-to-medium-size enterprise―which do not have the financial and human resources required to purchase and manage servers and complex IT environments. The seamless integration of Oracle CRM On Demand to Lafarge’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment was also an important factor in the decision process.

“The Oracle CRM On Demand SaaS model enables us to take advantage of all the CRM functions we need today―sales force automation, customer segmentation, and customer care― while ensuring that its functional scope can expand to meet our future requirements. And, we are not trapped into any technology since we are just subscribers,” said Nicolas Bouffier, project management officer for the Lafarge CRM Program.

Implementation Process

The customer relationship management (CRM) initiative was the first SaaS project for Lafarge. It created a CRM skills center to coordinate a simultaneous rollout across several countries. The company, working with its partners and using the skill center’s resources, rolled out the CRM solution rapidly, averaging six-to-eight weeks per country.


Lafarge worked with two partners on its CRM initiative. Logica Business Consulting helped Lafarge to select the appropriate solution and draft functional specifications. Capgemini then is responsible for deploying the solution and provide ongoing user support.

“On the strength of its good understanding of our business issues, Logica Business Consulting provided the appropriate help by choosing the Oracle CRM on Demand solution thanks to the Sales Force Effectiveness models produced,” Bouffier said.