LankaBangla Securities Implements Database in a Few Hours Rather Than Weeks, Ensures High Availability, and Halves Licensing Costs

LankaBangla Securities Implements Database in a Few Hours Rather Than Weeks, Ensures High Availability, and Halves Licensing Costs

Established in 1997 as Vanik Bangladesh Securities Ltd., LankaBangla Securities Ltd. (LBSL) was rebranded in 2005 as a subsidiary of LankaBangla Finance Ltd., a leading nonbanking financial institution in Bangladesh. For the past seven consecutive years, LBSL has been the largest stock brokerage house in the country, and, in 2012, it was ranked number one for sales and transactions on the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the Chittagong Stock Exchange, respectively. 

LBSL was the first company to introduce a financial web portal and automated order-management system for trading services in Bangladesh. These enable the company to provide the most efficient and comprehensive trading platform and services, including giving investors and shareholders direct access to market and online trading information.

LBSL used database, server, and storage systems from different vendors for its trading platform, which created compatibility issues. With scarce IT resources in Bangladesh, it was a significant challenge to get cooperation and one stop service from multiple vendors. In addition, LBSL looked to improve database availability to maximize system uptime to support its time-critical brokerage business and sustain its leadership position.  

In May 2013, the company consolidated database services for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and order management systems on a single Oracle Database Appliance. It provides a highly available, scalable, and cost-effective database platform and achieves single vendor support for all components, eliminating the risk of multivendor involvement and compatibility issues. Using Oracle Database Appliance, LBSL improved overall system performance by 40%, maximized uptime, halved licensing costs, simplified system management, and enabled rapid deployment in just four-and-a-half-hours instead of weeks.

Ensures High Availability Database Services and Halves Licensing Costs

A word from LankaBangla Securities Limited

  • "We chose Oracle Database Appliance over Cisco, HP, and IBM offerings because of its high availability, flexible licensing model, and ease of deployment and management. We improved overall database performance by 40%, maximized system uptime, and halved licensing costs. It was the perfect fit for our time-critical brokerage business requirements." – Muinul Islam, Chief Technology Officer, LankaBangla Securities Ltd.

LBSL operates in a time-sensitive trading environment, so it was critical for the company to ensure high availability database services for its core business applications, such as its ERP and order management systems. By implementing Oracle Database Appliance, the company gained a fully integrated system with software, server, storage, and networking in a single box. This maximized system uptime and eliminated compatibility issues.

“Our shareholders and customers can gain or lose millions of dollars in one second, so we cannot tolerate latency. We must, therefore, ensure 100% availability during our four-hour trading window. Since going live with Oracle Database Appliance, our trading platform has not had a failure or unplanned downtime. It’s very reliable, and we have significantly improved customer service,” said Muinul Islam, chief technology officer, LankaBangla Securities Ltd. 

With Oracle Database Appliance, LBSL saved 50% licensing costs when compared to using other competitive brands, such as Cisco, HP, and IBM, and Oracle delivered the most cost-effective database platform for its trading services.

“Thanks to Oracle Database Appliance’s flexible, capacity-on-demand licensing model, we aligned our IT budget with our growth. It was a perfect fit for our business requirements,” Islam said.

Faster Problem Resolution with Single-Vendor Support

Simplifies System Management and Enables Fast Deployment

Improves Overall Database Performance by 40% and Enhances Customer Service




  • Implement a highly-available, scalable, and cost-effective database to improve trading-platform performance and meet time-critical brokerage business requirements
  • Improve customer service and enhance competitive position
  • Consolidate database services for core business applications with a single vendor’s platform to eliminate compatibility issues and reduce cost
  • Ensure rapid database deployment and efficient management to lower costs and improve staff productivity


Oracle Product and Services

  • Halved licensing costs using Oracle Database Appliance’s flexible and scalable capacity-on-demand licensing model, delivering a cost-effective database platform
  • Deployed new database environment in just four-and-a-half-hours, rather than spending weeks to install and configure components from various vendors—accelerating time to market for new offerings
  • Enabled users to access critical trading data and reports in just three seconds and accelerated overall database performance by 40%
  • Completed system backup 60% faster without IT staff involvement and performance degradation
  • Maximized system uptime during the four-hour trading window and met time-critical brokerage business requirements
  • Lowered costs and eliminated compatibility issues by implementing a single-vendor’s solution
  • Simplified system management by using built-in diagnostics to monitor and detect component failures, enabling staff to focus on value-added tasks for developing new products and services and improving productivity
  • Enhanced customer service by providing new database offerings, such as database-as-a-service, on Oracle Database Appliance, enabling customers to quickly and easily access vital trading information and trade online anytime, increasing revenue opportunities and competitiveness

Why Oracle

LBSL considered IBM, HP, and Cisco solutions, and chose Oracle Database Appliance because the single-vendor solution offered a flexible licensing model, high availability, and ease of deployment and management.  

“A fully integrated system—with database, server, storage, and networking all engineered in a single box—is the best fit for our time-critical business requirements. We now have a simple, highly reliable, and cost-effective database solution that aligns with our IT budget and growth plan,” Islam said.

Implementation Process

LBSL’s in-house IT team worked closely with Oracle partner, Aamra Technologies Ltd., to implement Oracle Database Appliance. It completed installation and testing in 60 days—on time and on budget. The new system went live in May 2013.


LBSL engaged Oracle Platinum Partner Aamra Technologies to assist with the implementation of Oracle Database Appliance.

“Aamra’s extensive knowledge was invaluable in our Oracle Database Appliance implementation. The solution is instrumental in our business transformation initiatives,” Islam said.