Lion Supports Strategic Growth, Performs Accounting 20x More Efficiently, and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership with Integrated Database Infrastructure
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Lion Supports Strategic Growth, Performs Accounting 20x More Efficiently, and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership with Integrated Database Infrastructure

  • Oracle Customer:  Lion Corp.
    Location:  Tokyo, Japan
    Industry:  Consumer Goods
    Employees:  6,006
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

Established in 1980, following a merger of soap and toothpaste manufacturers whose origins dated back to1891, Lion Corp. makes and sells toiletries, laundry products, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. It operates six sales offices, four manufacturing plants, and four research institutes throughout Japan. It also exports to 10 overseas affiliates.

Looking ahead to 2020, Lion’s robust corporate vision includes domestic product expansion and international business growth in China, South Korea, and South East Asia, as well as other emerging markets. Lion requires a strong and reliable integrated database infrastructure to support its strategic growth plans.




A word from Lion Corp.

  • "We chose Oracle Exadata Database Machine because it can easily and quickly integrate with our SAP financial databases, as well as all our business applications. Today, we process accounting queries 20x faster. In addition, we’ve enhanced storage capacity through 50% improvement in data compression and have reduced the total cost of ownership." – Masatoshi Utsunomiya, Director of the Integrated Systems Division, Lion Corp.

  • Integrate SAP financial management databases and databases held on a legacy, Oracle Exadata platform onto a SAP-certified Oracle Exadata platform
  • Strengthen IT infrastructure to enable progressive integration of all business systems used to manage manufacturing and sales data for personal care, pharmaceutical, and chemical products and support strategic growth initiatives for domestic and international markets
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT service while improving operational efficiency


  • Enabled faster and more efficient financial data analysis and improved business decisions by accelerating accounting query processing by 20x
  • Enhanced storage capacity through 50% improvement in data compression—from 1.4 TB of data to 700 GB—using Oracle Advanced Compression in Oracle Database
  • Simplified database maintenance—eliminating task duplication by integrating multiple systems onto Oracle Exadata
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced IT workload in individual business units—such as oral care or pharmaceutical—by consolidating systems onto Oracle Exadata and assigning management to a centralized database administration team
  • Enabled management to plan for additional information systems integration, disaster recovery, and business growth, by creating a highly scalable, robust IT infrastructure using Oracle Exadata
  • Accelerated ROI thanks to rapid Oracle Exadata upgrade in less than two weeks

Why Oracle

Lion needed to integrate its SAP financial management system onto a centralized, SAP-certified database platform to improve data processing speed and optimize storage capacity while reducing TCO. To achieve this, Lion decided to upgrade its legacy Oracle Exadata platform (running backbone business systems such as order and shipping control, sales management, and human resources) to the latest version of Oracle Exadata.

“We chose Oracle Exadata because we did not need further benchmark testing after thoroughly verifying the earlier Oracle Exadata version’s performance for our 2010 implementation. With ready access to Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services, we could easily and quickly upgrade to Oracle Exadata’s SAP-certified platform in less than two weeks, and migrate our SAP financial management system confident that we would see significant performance improvement,” said Masatoshi Utsunomiya, director, integrated systems division, Lion Corp.

Implementation Process

In 2010, as part of a broad, systems-integration project, Lion Corp. integrated its backbone business systems from a mainframe environment onto Oracle Exadata. In October 2011, the company conducted a feasibility study for migrating its SAP financial management system from private cloud running Oracle Database onto an upgraded, SAP-certified Oracle Exadata platform. In less than two weeks in February 2012, the company completed the platform upgrade. With assistance from Oracle-to-Oracle migration service provided by Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services, Lion Corp. migrated the SAP databases over two-and-a-half months. The integrated financial management system commenced operating in May 2012 with no disruption to accounting services.

In April 2013, the company integrated its data warehousing systems onto the newer version of Oracle Exadata. It will consider the feasibility of integrating manufacturing control and supply-and-demand control databases by the end of 2013, and replicating the entire system to provide for disaster recovery and business continuity in 2014.


To complete the integration of the SAP databases onto Oracle Exadata, Lion engaged Oracle Platinum partner SCSK Corp. to implement SAP BASIS with Oracle Exadata and manage SAP application connection, setup, and configuration. SCSK Corp. also provided system backup and monitoring services.