Liquigás Distribuidora Consolidates Budget Infrastructure and Eliminates 400 Types of Spreadsheets by Using a Planning Solution
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Liquigás Distribuidora Consolidates Budget Infrastructure and Eliminates 400 Types of Spreadsheets by Using a Planning Solution

Liquigás Distribuidora SA—a Petrobras Distribuidora company since 2004—is a privately held corporation that provides rapid and safe, advanced technology-based services for bottling, distribution, and the sale of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and derivatives. One of the largest LPG distributors in Brazil, it is the 13-kilogram (Kg) bottled-gas market leader. The company provides 5-Kg, 8-Kg, 13-Kg, and 45-Kg gas tanks for domestic use. In the bulk-sales segment, Liquigás provides products and services to various sectors, including commerce, industry, agribusiness, and real estate development.

The company constantly invests in advanced technology and seeks innovation to ensure providing consumers with high-quality products and social and environmental responsibility. With 3,250 employees, the company has a network of more than 4,800 authorized dealers, serving approximately 9 million homes, in addition to more than 35,000 customers in the bulk market.

Liquigás’ structure has 46 operating units, including its headquarters in São Paulo, 23 operating centers, 18 warehouses, a railway storage and loading base, and four 3rd-party bottling plants.




A word from Liquigás Distribuidora SA

  • “Oracle Hyperion’s features enabled us to increase productivity, make processes faster and more secure, and optimize our budget cycle, all which are vital to those corporate departments focused on measuring results.” – Sabrina Beznosai, General Budget and Management Information Manager, Liquigás Distribuidora SA

  • Standardize operations and processes, such as developing the annual business plan with the Liquigás Distribuidora parent company
  • Monitor progress towards achieving goals in LPG distribution and control materials and equipment costs for more budgetary control


Oracle Product and Services

  • Automated the company’s spreadsheet-based budget, reducing annual budget preparation time by one month while making the process more secure and less prone to data entry errors by eliminating approximately 400 types of spreadsheets
  • Gained the ability to prepare the annual business plan with Petrobras Group, establishing a planning and monitoring culture that encourages other company departments to become involved with a commitment to the integrated budget planning process
  • Enabled the budget preparation and monitoring team to dedicate more time to other tasks due to agile processes, like reducing the time for monthly closings from eight to three days with Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Obtained a detailed view of sales with Oracle Hyperion Planning, enabling processing 4,800 LPG dealers’ records individually and aligning the company’s budget with its sales goals
  • Enhanced sales and expense data accuracy by using Oracle Essbase’s native features to integrate the expense management system with Oracle Hyperion Planning, replacing the old spreadsheet-based report model and eliminating risks associated with managing multiple files

Why Oracle

“Oracle Hyperion Planning is a very flexible tool. Its structure enables us to execute detailed budget and monitoring assessments. The system supports large information volumes and its scalability gives us peace of mind to continue with our improvements,” said Sabrina Beznosai, general budget and management information manager, Liquigás Distribuidora SA.

Implementation Process

Liquigás Distribuidora completed the project in nine months, in three stages. In the first stage, the company set up its budget data integration through spreadsheet templates. In the second stage, it integrated its business monitoring reports. Finally, it developed budget flow and data entry modules with Oracle Hyperion Planning. The entire deployment enabled Liquigás to align its budgetary processes with the business monitoring procedure it had adopted.

“We achieved our goals with the Oracle Hyperion Planning deployment. We stuck to our timeline and are very satisfied with the results,” Beznosai said.


“The TO Brasil team exceeded our expectations. In addition to having extensive, technical, Oracle Hyperion Planning skills, the company was very involved in addressing our needs. As a result, we have full use of the tool and, thus, better expense management,” Beznosai said.