LocalTapiola Group Eliminates Costly Printed Magazines and Improves the Online Customer Experience with Web Experience Management

LocalTapiola Group Eliminates Costly Printed Magazines and Improves the Online Customer Experience with Web Experience Management

LocalTapiola Group, formed through the merger of Tapiola Group and Local Insurance, offers insurance, banking, savings, and investment services to businesses and consumers in Finland.

LocalTapiola Group had two customer magazines, published in print format, several online magazines, as well as many different publishing systems and third-party publishing solutions. It wanted to reduce communication and marketing costs, accelerate delivery of important news using the online channel, and adopt an integrated external communications model by using a single, common Web experience management platform.

LocalTapiola Group chose Oracle WebCenter Sites as its single, Web experience management platform. Since deploying the solution, LocalTapiola has expanded its Web presence and improved its ability to engage customers with timely and compelling online content. By discontinuing printing magazines on paper and using only online communication, LocalTapiola achieved considerable savings and reduced its environmental footprint by saving 90 tons of paper, annually.




A word from LocalTapiola Group

  • "The internet is our preferred method of communicating with the general public and our customers. Oracle WebCenter, which our implementation partner Tieto Finland deployed, allows us to use the internet to dynamically communicate with customers and the public while eliminating significant costs and environmental issues associated with print magazines." – Jyrki Antikainen, Communications Director, LocalTapiola Group

  • Improve ability to engage customers online and share digital information about the company’s financial-services offerings, as well as banking news with customers and the public
  • Reduce communications and marketing costs and promote sustainable development by discontinuing two, printed, customer magazines, Oma Talous (Your Own Finance) and Sijoitustalous (Investment Finance)
  • Standardize and consolidate the group’s IT environment and internet service applications to cut management costs and ensure a path forward
  • Save costs with one common and device-independent Web experience management platform that LocalTapiola Group can use for publishing through multiple channels


Oracle Product and Services

  • Created and began managing the online customer experience using Oracle WebCenter Sites as the company’s common Web experience management solution
  • Created two new digital news channels, Omatalous.fi and Sijoitustalous.fi, to provide the latest insurance, banking, and financial services news for customers and the general public as part of the company’s shift toward online communication
  • Discontinued printing the company’s customer magazines, eliminating printing and mailing costs associated with them, as well as the use of 90 tons of paper annually, in line with the group’s sustainability goals
  • Used the company’s expanded ability to communicate quickly with the customer base to deliver breaking news and publish information about the merger between Tapiola Group and Local Insurance
  • Improved LocalTapiola Group’s Web presence and will later start using WebCenter capabilities to also engage customers with timely and compelling content via social media channels
  • Saved labor costs by discontinuing production of print-magazine-like content for iPads, replacing this with content that can be utilized across various Web channels

Why Oracle

LocalTapiola Group executed an intensive selection process. It chose Oracle WebCenter Sites because its easy-to-use content authoring interface and rich publishing features were an ideal fit for the group’s needs. In addition, Oracle WebCenter Sites had a strong track record of success with other companies.

Oracle’s partner Tieto had the necessary experience and resources for a successful implementation.

Implementation Process

LocalTapiola conducted the implementation in two phases. The first phase delivered a unified publishing model, including common assets and templates, and the first Web site called Sijoitustalous.fi. In the second phase, it established a second Web site, Omatalous.fi, using the existing publishing model. This approach enabled the company to reuse almost 70% of its assets, templates, and components in the second phase of the implementation project―a percentage that may grow in the future.

During the implementation, Oracle Consulting performed an audit of the publishing system, providing LocalTapiola Group with assurance that the implementation was completed properly and using best practices.


“An important factor in building the Oracle WebCenter Sites technical environment and in selecting Tieto’s solution is that we can manage the new environment better than its predecessor, both technically and in terms of content,” said Jyrki Antikainen, communications director, LocalTapiola Group. “We have access to ready-to-use design templates created during the implementation project, which we can continue to use when we update sites and journals. Tieto also provided first-rate training. This is not only a technical project, but also a transfer of knowledge.”

Oracle Platinum Partner Tieto is a leading IT service company in Northern Europe, providing IT and product engineering services. With about 18,000 experts, Tieto aims to become a leading service integrator, creating the best service experience in IT.