LOREX Technology Increases Website Traffic 90% by Enhancing the Online Customer Experience with a Flexible E-Commerce Platform
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LOREX Technology Increases Website Traffic 90% by Enhancing the Online Customer Experience with a Flexible E-Commerce Platform

LOREX Technology Inc. provides businesses and consumers with advanced video surveillance security products under the LOREX and Digimerge brands. LOREX, which caters to midsize business and consumer markets, is available in thousands of retail locations across North America. The Digimerge division sells its products through security system distributors in North America. Both brands concentrate on the sale of wired, wireless, and IP security surveillance and monitoring equipment, including cameras, digital video recorders, and all-in-one systems.




A word from LOREX Technology Inc.

  • “We needed an e-commerce solution to support our rapid business expansion and transform the customer experience across all channels. Oracle ATG Web Commerce provided a flexible and scalable platform to meet those goals. Today, we have a consistent customer experience that is personalized to each buyer, thanks to Oracle ATG Web Commerce.” – Sufi Khan Sulaiman, Director, E-Commerce and Digital, LOREX Technology Inc.

  • Address rapid business growth and meet current and anticipated online requirements, including customer service for its leading line of security products
  • Launch online e-commerce store to continue expansion into the consumer space, as well as to support distributors and retailers by leveraging the customer experience as a key differentiator—aligning it with the brand experience across the company’s business-to-business (B2B) partners’ brick and mortar stores and online channel
  • Replace disparate, legacy e-commerce sites with a single, online platform that supports several Web stores to serve customers better, faster, and more cost effectively


Oracle Product and Services

  • Provided customers with faster e-commerce site browsing, easier navigation, and better information flow—including upgraded access to products and content; easy-to-follow instructional videos for home installation; and improved registration and support services
  • Deployed an e-commerce environment that stimulated online revenue growth by offering customers suggestions about complementary or alternative products during the ordering process
  • Made it possible to offer a personalized shopping experience, as the platform displays video surveillance security products that fit the user’s profile on the navigated pages, based on his or her login information, link to the site, search history, and wish lists
  • Accelerated consumer business with a revamped online presence and Web pages that load 40% faster—achieving a 90% increase in online traffic, increase in online account sign-ups, and significantly higher Web-store sales conversion rate
  • Enabled online customers to easily download documents, such as reviews and warranties, from a single platform
  • Integrated seamlessly with LOREX’s SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and call center, ensuring a 360-degree view of customers to elevate the customer experience
  • Completed the Oracle ATG Web Commerce implementation for online customers within seven months, on schedule and within budget, thanks to a support team from Oracle partners Thinkwrap Commerce and Tenzing Managed IT Services

Why Oracle

LOREX conducted an extensive search for the right e-commerce platform to address its immediate need for a more intuitive shopping cart interface that could grow along with the company. After reviewing other solutions, including open source, LOREX chose Oracle ATG Web Commerce because it addressed every stage of the buying process and crossed all customer touch points, including the Web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, and its B2B partners’ physical stores. LOREX also found that Oracle ATG Web Commerce’s functionality was more robust than competing options, and it offered an attractive total cost of ownership.

“Oracle ATG Web Commerce provided an optimal foundation to support rapid, scalable, long-term business growth while allowing full control of the platform,” said Sufi Khan Sulaiman, director, E-Commerce and Digital, LOREX.

Implementation Process

LOREX benefited from a strong team approach, resulting in an almost seamless integration between Oracle ATG Web Commerce and its existing back-end ERP and call center technologies, enabling LOREX and its partners to quickly and easily implement an enterprise-class, feature-rich, e-commerce solution.


In April 2012, LOREX implemented Oracle ATG Web Commerce as its new e-commerce platform, connecting to its ERP system and a call center. Using Oracle Partner Thinkwrap’s Starter Commerce Store concept, LOREX deployed a road-tested, robust, enterprise-grade, e-commerce platform in a relatively short timeframe. The company launched the entire project in under seven months.

Tenzing Managed IT Services, a leading provider of hosting solutions for e-commerce clients, systems integrators, and software-as-a-service providers, delivers comprehensive, end-to-end e-commerce infrastructure management for LOREX.