Magyar Telekom Produces Learning Content 50% Faster, Trains 3,000 Customer Relationship Management Users 3x Faster
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Magyar Telekom Produces Learning Content 50% Faster, Trains 3,000 Customer Relationship Management Users 3x Faster

  • Oracle Customer:  Magyar Telekom
    Location:  Budapest, Hungary
    Industry:  Communications
    Employees:  11,300
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

Magyar Telekom is the principal provider of telecom services in Hungary. It provides a full range of telecommunications services, including fixed-line and mobile telephony, data transmission and nonvoice, as well as IT and systems-integration services. Magyar Telekom is the majority owner of Makedonski Telekom, the leading fixed-line and mobile operator in Macedonia, and it holds a majority stake in Crnogorski Telekom, the leading telecommunications operator in Montenegro. Magyar Telekom’s majority shareholder is Deutsche Telekom AG.




A word from Magyar Telekom

  • “Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard enabled us to train more than 3,000 customer service and billing staff members 30% faster than it would take using traditional learning methods.” –Gabor Beranek, Head of Project Excellence and Business Partner Management, Magyar Telekom

  • Train 3,000 colleagues in customer care, billing, and order-related processes, to use a new billing and customer care platform, based on Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (Siebel CRM) and 70 legacy tools
  • Ensure staff competency in 200 core CRM processes, such as invoicing, trouble ticket handling, and new account creation prior to launch to avoid customer service disruption in the early, post-go-live period and ensure rapid rollout to 8 million customer accounts
  • Minimize time and cost of creating learning materials and conducting training sessions while meeting varying learning requirements of staff at multiple levels and in different roles
  • Decrease helpdesk overhead by reducing the need for user support, and make new recruits productive faster in the high-churn, contact center environment
  • Improve customer service standards continuously through on-going user proficiency testing, refresher training, and skills updating, without reducing front-line staff availability


  • Created training content 50% faster than with traditional methods, using Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard to develop a full range of learning materials, including presentations, interactive simulations, training manuals, reference guides, and test scripts
  • Built training courses for complex billing, service request, and new customer creation process flows incorporating both Siebel CRM and nonOracle applications in two or three days, instead of up to six days, using Magyar Telekom’s legacy in-house-developed and third-party training tools
  • Achieved user adoption 3x faster than anticipated for 200 core, customer-facing applications, such as those that update billing profiles, manage trouble tickets, and service requests
  • Ensured that users were trained and confident in time for launch
  • Detected and eliminated process defects prior to go-live by using Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard simulations in the design phase, and for user acceptance testing that helped accelerate delivery of new platform
  • Gained an immediate ROI with Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard, leveraging its user-centric, multimedia training tools to ensure seamless user adoption of a next-generation CRM system that is unique in size and complexity in Europe’s telecommunications industry
  • Used Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard to produce a library of interactive, customized learning materials, and a catalog of web-based training tools for all customer-facing process flows with context-sensitive, in-application user support
  • Streamlined onboarding new contact center staff members with intuitive, on-the-job training, and helped them become productive users
  • Benefited from self-service user support to reduce burden on the helpdesk
  • Improved quality of training by making Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard the mandatory learning platform for all customer-facing processes across all lines of business, which will ensure consistently high levels of service through standardized learning content and unified methodologies
  • Cut in half the time required to update training materials to reflect CRM process enhancements or enforce new best-practice recommendations, completing this task in just one-to-two hours per topic instead of two-four hours using the recording wizards in Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard
  • Conducted on-going knowledge testing and refresher training using built-in assessment tools in Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard, which ensured continuous competency improvement without the cost of classroom training and without removing staff from customer-facing activities
  • Began using Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard to train staff in Magyar Telekom’s retail energy, equipment resale, and systems integration businesses ahead of roll-out of Siebel CRM to the company’s noncore telecommunications services

Why Oracle

Magyar Telekom chose Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard for its ability to increase amount of training published and the number of formats. Its comprehensive functionality met all the company’s training needs from a single source while scaling to accommodate the 3,000 agents who manage its 8 million customer accounts. Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard also enables faster content updating, provides context-sensitive help for users, and does not require flash players on the user desktop.

“Oracle User Productivity Kit Standard is critical to our ability to roll out our CRM project, one of the largest IT implementations in Europe, across the business and ensure that we achieve full functionality by the end of 2014,” said Gabor Beranek, head of project excellence and business partner management, Magyar Telekom.