Majestic Auto Automates—Creates Reports Instantly Rather Than Monthly and Improves Decision-Making

Majestic Auto Automates—Creates Reports Instantly Rather Than Monthly and Improves Decision-Making

Established in 1976, Majestic Auto Ltd. manufactures and supplies components for major automobile companies across India, including Maruti, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Ford. As part of the Hero Group, the company has diversified into manufacturing various types of mufflers for Hero Motorcycles, and it performs stator and rotor assembly for LG Electronics and Tecumseh. Furthermore, the company has expanded into two manufacturing plants in Ludhiana and Greater Noida.




A word from Majestic Auto Ltd.

  • "We chose Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 over Microsoft or SAP for its reliability and scalability, and it was a perfect fit for our manufacturing business requirements. We now generate business reports instantly instead of monthly, and we’ve gained faster and better insights for manufacturing operations, enabling us to minimize risks and support decision-making."– Gobind Ahuja, Chief General Manager, IT, Majestic Auto Ltd.

  • Replace legacy enterprise applications with a highly available, scalable, and cost-effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to improve operational efficiency between two manufacturing plants and support future growth 
  • Automate reporting processes for financials, inventory, manufacturing, and order management to gain better visibility into business activities and enhance decision-making
  • Minimize system downtime to avoid customer-order delays for automobile parts and meet commitments to customers


  • Slashed labor costs by automating reporting processes for two manufacturing plants and enabling staff to customize and generate accurate management reports instantly rather than monthly—such as for muffler-inventory reports
  • Improved customer service by integrating Oracle Discrete Manufacturing, Oracle Inventory, Oracle Purchasing, and Oracle Order Management to provide a unified and detailed view of order status and ensure customer orders are delivered on time
  • Reduced business risks for critical shop-floor operations and positioned the company to support future growth in the automotive sector by implementing highly available and scalable Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1
  • Enhanced decision-making by providing managers with better insight into inventory, work in progress, and associated costs for each manufacturing stage—insights not previously obtainable
  • Improved operational efficiency by automatically capturing customer-order details across multiple locations and reducing human errors in the order cycle, thanks to Oracle Order Management
  • Reduced month-end financial closing time by integrating Oracle Financials, out-of-the-box, with Oracle Inventory and Oracle Discrete Manufacturing, eliminating the need to rekey financial information into multiple systems
  • Enhanced data visibility and accuracy by using an integrated ERP platform across two manufacturing plant

Why Oracle

Majestic Auto chose Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 because of its positive experience with Oracle Database for the last 14 years. The company also wanted to partner with a reputable vendor to ensure the reliability of its ERP system and minimize risks for critical manufacturing operations. 

“We considered Microsoft, Ramco, and SAP but decided that Oracle was most suited for our specific business requirements. Also, it made sense to partner with a vendor that we trusted and that ensured seamless integration with our existing Oracle Database,” said Gobind Ahuja, chief general manager, IT, Majestic Auto Ltd. 

Implementation Process

Majestic Auto implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 at its Ludhiana manufacturing plants first and extended its usage to Greater Noida. Majestic Auto also engaged My Oracle Support to provide support and resolve product-related issues for both implementations and to eliminate disruption to business operations. 

“Thanks to My Oracle Support and Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1’s high system availability, we had zero system downtime, and we were enabled to generate management reports faster to support our business growth,” said Mahesh Munjal, managing director, Majestic Auto Ltd.


Majestic Auto engaged Oracle partner Sonata Information Technology Ltd. for customization and user training for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1.

“With Sonata Information Technology’s expertise and experience in ERP systems, we are getting the most out of our Oracle, world-class ERP platform,” Ahuja said.