Mauritius Commercial Bank Increases Human Resources Management Efficiency with Automated, Customized Workflows
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Mauritius Commercial Bank Increases Human Resources Management Efficiency with Automated, Customized Workflows

Established in 1838, Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd. (MCB) is the leading bank in the Republic of Mauritius, operating 41 branches countrywide. It plays a key role in the country’s economy by extending support to corporate and private customers.

MCB has the largest network of commercial banks in the southwestern Indian Ocean region and is a leading regional bank, listed among the Top 1,000 World Banks, as defined by the Financial Times’ publication The Banker. The bank is well-established in Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Maldives, and Mozambique. The company also operates a representative office in Johannesburg, South Africa, and maintains a presence in Paris, Reunion Island, and Mayotte through the Banque Française Commerciale Océan Indien (BFCOI), a joint-venture with Société Générale. MCB is listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange.




A word from Mauritius Commercial Bank

  • “Oracle Human Resources Management System empowered our managers with information to make better decisions and our employees with convenient self-service and reporting capabilities. The system also helped us to streamline our human resources administration for greater efficiency.” – Joyce Clever Aglar, Human Resources Project Coordinator, Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd.

  • Reduce human resources (HR) costs by automating as many administrative tasks as possible through dedicated HR workflows
  • Provide all banking staff, ranging from headquarters personnel to bank branch employees, with a self-service HR tool to increase operational efficiency
  • Create a single source of data to improve data integrity instead of collecting data manually from disparate systems
  • Ensure integration between payroll and Oracle Financials to gain in efficiency
  • Expand HR intelligence to make more informed operational and strategic HR-related decisions and enhance relationships between departments and offices


  • Deployed Oracle Human Resources applications to facilitate the transition from transactional to transformational HR management and automate all administrative tasks through customized workflows, empowering the bank’s HR professionals to focus on internal relationships
  • Improved data integrity and reporting capabilities after replacing multiple disparate HR systems with Oracle Human Resources applications
  • Eased cost allocation of business units by integrating Oracle Payroll with Oracle Financials, improving visibility by directly sharing all financial data related to the bank’s employees
  • Moved to nearly paperless HR operations, eliminating the need to print 2,500 year-end tax reporting documents annually and approximately 3,000 payroll forms every month
  • Saved more than 150 worker-days per year by streamlining payroll functions, such as entering payroll allowances and promotions and allocating overtime pay, and automating all manual calculations, including back-dated and prorated payments
  • Eased the implementation of flexible working hours across the bank by giving each employee access to his or her attendance records with Oracle Self-Service Human Resources, making it easier for personnel—such as account handlers, cash managers, financial analysts, branch managers and staff supervisors—to manage overtime
  • Redeployed one of four full-time employees in payroll to the reward specialist department, and two of five full-time employees in HR administration to set up the bank’s HR Service Desk
  • Reduced the time it takes to enter and approve HR data—from two work-days per month per employee to just 20 minutes and from one work-day per month per supervisor to one hour
  • Decreased the time spent on report development from an average of eight days to two days per report, with two new reports developed each month to track additional HR metrics, such as employee turnover, training attendance, and pending approvals
  • Saved five worker-days per month by automating recruitment tasks, such as assembling curricula vitae and maintaining recruitment summaries for the bank’s HR recruitment team
  • Automated learning management tasks for financial products and services trainings—such as for credit analysts, business analysts , and client relationship managers—by assembling requests, planning and maintaining training schedules, communicating to employees, and monitoring training results, saving 30 worker-days per year


Oracle partner Popay, which specializes in deploying Oracle E-Business Suite HR modules, was instrumental in the success of the project, providing consulting and management across the three-phase implementation―as well as delivering training to super users and the bank’s IT team.

“The interaction between Popay and our team has proven to be very productive and efficient. Popay helped us to avoid customizations and fully leverage standard Oracle Human Resources Management System capabilities to support our HR business processes―another key success factor,” said Joyce Clever-Aglar, HR project coordinator, Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd.