Maxxton Cuts Page-Load Time by 90%, Completes Searches 20x Faster, Cuts Batch Run Time by 80%, and Sees Return on Investment in Nine Months
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Maxxton Cuts Page-Load Time by 90%, Completes Searches 20x Faster, Cuts Batch Run Time by 80%, and Sees Return on Investment in Nine Months

  • Oracle Customer:  Maxxton
    Location:  Middelburg, The Netherlands
    Industry:  High Technology
    Employees:  70
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

Maxxton BV provides tailor-made, fully automated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for the complete management of vacation parks, hotels, resorts, and tour operators. It provides central reservation, mobile, and Web booking, invoicing, issue resolution, property management, and reporting solutions via Newyse, its software-as-a-service-based solution suite and delivery platform. Some of the largest companies in the Dutch vacation industry use Newyse, including market-leaders Roompot, Hogenboom and Oostappen Vakantieparken.




A word from Maxxton

  • β€œThe stability and performance that Oracle Exadata brought to our market-leading solution for the leisure and hospitality industry enabled us to attract the biggest players in the business, ” – Jean-Pierre Mampaey, CEO, Maxxton BV

  • Ensure 100% availability for the ERP suite that staff in vacation parks, hotels, resorts, travel agents, and consumers use to process US$390,000 in transactions hourly, during peak periods
  • Accelerate nightly batch runs that include updating more than 7 million travel and accommodation options and management-information reports
  • Cut page-load times, that can take up to 10 seconds between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., the peak period for booking vacations online, to 3 seconds or less, to prevent revenue loss due to user frustration
  • Enhance search and booking functionality for Newyse to meet increasingly sophisticated operator and consumer expectations, without having a negative impact on system performance
  • Scale to accommodate Newsyse’s 15% to 20%, year-on-year revenue and profitability growth since 2006, while reducing maintenance and support overhead
  • Increase share of the competitive Dutch vacation market and extend Newyse to other European countries, Asia, and the United States


Oracle Product and Services

  • Eliminated system crashes lasted for approximately 30 minutes several times each week during peak periods by replacing the HP hardware-based infrastructure supporting Newyse with Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Achieved a return on investment in nine months
  • Cut page loading times from up to 10 seconds to typically less than 1 second and reduced risk of customers defecting to competitor sites
  • Executed queries 20x faster regarding accommodation availability, facilities, and prices, which improved travel agent productivity and increased customer satisfaction for online vacation booking
  • Reduced nightly batch run times from 14 hours to 3 hours which ensured that more than 7 million travel and accommodation options and combinations were updated
  • Made previous day’s sales, arrivals, and departures data available to hotel and resort managers by 3:00 a.m., instead of as late as 2:00 p.m. during the summer peak season
  • Created a stable, fast, resilient, high-volume transaction processing environment, capable of supporting 3,000 concurrent users at peak times without performance degradation
  • Recruited several new vacation parks and resorts in the 18 months since implementing Oracle Exadata as a result of recommendations from existing Newyse customers
  • Increased market share from 30% to 40% and became The Netherlands’ largest provider of software for the leisure and hospitality sector
  • Reduced time for system management by 95% using Oracle Exadata’s pre-integrated, pre-optimized hardware and software platform, which enabled the in-house team and consultants from VX Company IT Services BV to focus on enhancing and leveraging functionality
  • Guaranteed 100% availability by using the high availability features built into Oracle Exadata’s architecture to carry out planned maintenance and apply patches without downtime
  • Began implementing Exadata Database Machine X3-2 HP Half Rack in the United Kingdom, United States, and India to support international expansion of Newyse

Why Oracle

Maxxton migrated Newyse to Oracle Exadata to enable it to sustain its 15% to 20%, year-on-year growth, increase market share, and extend its business model globally. Oracle Exadata was a good fit with the company’s legacy Oracle environment, and its ready-to-run configuration would reduce testing time and simplify implementation and go-live.

“Oracle Exadata gives us the stability, performance, speed, and scalability to grow our business internationally,” said Jean-Pierre Mampaey, CEO, Maxxton BV.


Oracle Platinum Partner VX Company IT Services BV migrated Newyse to Oracle Exadata in two weeks without disruption to Maxxton’s customers. VX Company’s in-depth knowledge of Oracle Exadata and its purchase of an Oracle Exadata platform for building proofs of concept and conducting user training gave Maxxton the confidence to invest in the technology. VX Company continues to assist Maxxton’s IT team in supporting the solution and uses its expertise in Oracle Exadata to ensure ongoing optimization and continuous performance improvements for Newyse.

“VX Company’s 20-year history of working with Oracle Database and its unrivalled experience in Oracle Exadata implementations was essential in delivering rapid time to value and ensuring a fast return on our investment,” Mampaey said.