MediSwitch Makes Data Warehouse 100% Available and Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership by 45%
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MediSwitch Makes Data Warehouse 100% Available and Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership by 45%

MediSwitch (Pty) Ltd., founded in 1993, occupies a leading position in the transmission of electronic healthcare transactions. Headquartered in Midrand, South Africa, MediSwitch enjoys national coverage through an extensive network of accredited dealers. The company pioneered electronic data interchange (EDI) for healthcare in South Africa and revolutionized practice administration with its SwitchOn claim submission and management process. MediSwitch was the first company to offer online transactions to healthcare professionals in South Africa in 1999. Today, close to 30,000 healthcare professionals, as well as all retail pharmacies in South Africa benefit from using MediSwitch for electronic claims submission.




A word from MediSwitch (Pty) Ltd.

  • “By replacing our end-of-life disaster recovery platform with a high-availability platform, we saved an estimated US$300,000, the total cost of ownership, over three years and dramatically increased the reliability of our call center operations. The deployment enabled us to run business as usual, even during patching, software updates, physical failures, and network disruptions.” – Wayne Botha, IT Manager, MediSwitch (Pty) Ltd.

  • Achieve a better return on hardware investments by converting the company’s disaster recovery site into an operational site
  • Allow for real-time bidirectional replication of the company’s pioneering EDI application used by healthcare professionals for electronic claims submission
  • Increase system uptime and service availability to provide outstanding customer service to 30,000 healthcare professionals and remain competitive in the highly competitive South African healthcare services market


  • Deployed Oracle Database Appliance to reduce total cost of ownership by 45% by replacing an end-of-life platform with a fully integrated system of software, servers, storage, and networking that delivers high-availability-database services
  • Used Oracle GoldenGate to facilitate high-performance, low-impact data replication with subsecond latency between two Oracle Database Appliances located in separate datacenters, ensuring 99.95% system availability from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m., 365 days per year
  • Established synchronization across active systems to provide consolidated reporting from a single database, reducing the time to run monthly billing reports from four hours to one-half hour, on average, and running some reports in only five minutes
  • Operated the system without any unplanned outages since 2010 with an average of 20 million transactions per month, fulfilling contractual service level agreements and avoiding the risk of penalties
  • Enabled MediSwitch to continue operating during database upgrades, application upgrades, or system failures—allowing call-center agents to be up and productive immediately by stopping replication and pointing applications to the secondary server
  • Reduced system complexity and human resources requirements because a single database administrator manages production databases and Oracle GoldenGate replication with assistance from Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services

Why Oracle

“We were always very satisfied with Oracle Database; therefore, it just made sense to select Oracle for infrastructure and warehouse replication. The engineered stack approach has reduced the costs associated with purchasing, deploying, and supporting our IT environment by 45%. Based on our initial assessments, we could not have achieved that with any other vendor,” said Wayne Botha, IT manager, MediSwitch (Pty) Ltd.

Implementation Process

Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services implemented the entire solution within two weeks and according to budget limitations. It also now operates MediSwitch’s production databases. Thanks to Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services completed the data migration over one weekend with no business interruption.