Medline Industries Delivers Personalized Content to Healthcare Customers and Increases Targeted-Content Views by 60%
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Medline Industries Delivers Personalized Content to Healthcare Customers and Increases Targeted-Content Views by 60%

Medline Industries, Inc. is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of healthcare supplies in the United States. It provides more than 350,000 products to a diverse customer base that includes hospitals, extended-care facilities, surgery centers, physician offices, home care dealers, home health agencies, and retail medical supply outlets.

The company wanted to begin to use its website to educate and communicate more effectively with senior decision-makers. The majority of visitors to the legacy site were professional buyers, who were there to conduct transactions. The goal was to expand from a transactional site to one that was also more educational and informative.

To meet this goal and better serve its diverse customer base, Medline needed to deliver more personalized customer interactions via its website. Its legacy platform, however, did not offer the flexibility to tailor content that was based on a visitor’s market segment. For example, a purchasing agent from a nursing home might conduct a search for drapes and would receive content on window treatments as well as surgical drapes, the latter not being appropriate for a long-term care facility.

Medline selected Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10.1 as its new e-commerce platform. The company first used the system to create a new web-based catalog and deliver updated company background information. In May 2013, it introduced new personalization functionality to its website.

Upon entering the site, visitors now identify a market segment, which the system captures and stores in a profile and uses to populate tailored content in current and future sessions. Each visitor in a preferred market receives a tailored home page experience, with news releases, clinical solutions, and supply solutions that are most relevant for their role and business segment. In the first two weeks after going live, views of content targeted to decision-makers was up by 60%.

A word from Medline Industries, Inc.

  • “Oracle ATG Web Commerce is helping us to expand from a transactional web presence to one that is also more educational and informative for key decision-makers. In just two weeks, we saw a 60% increase in views of content, targeted to decision-makers. We are just starting to take advantage of Oracle ATG Web Commerce’s flexibility and robust personalization capabilities.” – Michael McMahon, Vice President of E-Commerce, Medline Industries, Inc.



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Why Oracle

Medline selected Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10.1 for its flexibility that allows the company to adapt rapidly to changing requirements. It enables a highly personalized user experience, beginning with a market selector upon visitors’ initial entry to the Medline website that captures and stores market preferences in a profile, and uses the information to drive tailored content.

Implementation Process

Medline selected Oracle ATG Web Commerce in 2010, and it went live with new catalog content in November 2011. The company introduced new personalized content capabilities in May 2013. Medline continues to expand its use of Oracle ATG Web Commerce and will leverage it to facilitate order management in late 2013.