Metrix Delivers Retail, Power-Meter Data Services More Quickly with Utilities Management Solution
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Metrix Delivers Retail, Power-Meter Data Services More Quickly with Utilities Management Solution

Metrix is Auckland’s largest meter-asset owner and provider of residential and commercial metering services, with more than 350,000 legacy and smart meters located in the region. As well as supplying and reading metering equipment for electricity retailers, Metrix collates large amounts of electricity-meter data in a variety of formats.

Metrix recently completed an advanced rollout of smart meters to its current Auckland asset base. This project will help provide operational cost efficiencies and allow electricity retailers to introduce innovative new products and services to consumers.




A word from Metrix Limite

  • “We knew Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 1.6.1 and Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g could meet our requirements better than anything offered by competitors. We can now deliver data from hundreds of thousands of electricity meters to our retail customers on a daily basis and have improved the speed and delivery of our meter data services.” – Paul White, Information Systems Manager, Metrix

  • Ensure the scalability of the electricity metering infrastructure to support continued growth as power retailers extend activities in the region
  • Improve the speed and delivery of automated, remote, electricity-meter data to ensure maximum value for power retailers
  • Provide a platform to support an increase in electricity meters and provide better services for power retailers
  • Reduce the complexity of the programming language used to create business rules


  • Improved the processing speed for daily delivery to power retailers of incoming and outgoing data from hundreds of thousands of remote electricity meters
  • Created a scalable platform that can support a significantly higher number of consumer-electricity smart meters and fully integrate with existing metering systems
  • Strengthened service capabilities by delivering register-read and load-profile data to power retail customers daily, as well as on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Reduced the need for software customizations and complex application integration by developing a standard interface that can handle individual manufacturers’ metering software
  • Supported strong business growth and future upgrades of the company’s core IT infrastructure

Why Oracle

Metrix had been using Oracle software since 2006 and was impressed by its features and ability to be integrated with other core applications. The company decided to upgrade to Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 1.6.1 and Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g to build on this strong foundation.

“We knew the Oracle products could meet our requirements and that they were ahead of anything offered by their competitors,” said Paul White, information systems manager, Metrix. “When you have a track record with a vendor that understands your requirements and has the software to match them, why would you go with anyone else?”

Implementation Process

Metrix completed the upgrade to Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g, and Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 1.6.1 over an 18-month period. This allowed successful integration with a range of other core metering systems and ensured the company could offer continuous service to its retail customers.

Metrix worked closely with a team from Oracle Consulting throughout the upgrade. This relationship ensured the project progressed smoothly, and any challenges that emerged were quickly dealt with.

“We had and continue to have a great working relationship with the Oracle Consulting team,” said White. “It understands our business and the challenges that we had to overcome.”   The new infrastructure went live in May 2012.