METRO GROUP Implements New Delivery Service
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METRO GROUP Implements New Delivery Service

  • Oracle Customer:  METRO GROUP
    Location:  Düsseldorf, Germany
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  290,000

METRO GROUP is one of the largest international retailing companies. In 2010, the Group reached sales of around US$96.2 billion (€ 67 billion). The company operates more than 2,100 stores in 33 countries and bases performance on the strength of its sales brands, which operate independently in their respective market segments: Metro/Makro Cash & Carry (an international leader in self-service wholesale), Real hypermarkets, Media Markt and Saturn (a European market leader in consumer electronics retailing), and Galeria Kaufhofdepartment stores.

METRO SYSTEMS GmbH, the internal IT service provider for METRO GROUP, delivers the Oracle solution to Metro/Makro Cash & Carry. As an IT service company METRO SYSTEMS, with its international subsidiaries and IT supply organizations, provides information technology services to METRO GROUP companies on a national and international basis.




A word from METRO GROUP

  • “Oracle Siebel Order Management provides us with perfect support for our new delivery business without having to massively adapt the existing heterogeneous environment. Considering that we deployed it in more than 30 countries worldwide, one of the major highlights, from the IT perspective, is that we can directly upgrade to new versions.” – Sven Prüssing, Senior Department Manager of Customer Relationship Management, METRO SYSTEMS Gmb

  • Maintain leading position in the highly competitive food retail market by providing top quality products and customer services
  • Implement a new delivery service for key accounts to ensure high customer retention
  • Select a solution that can be easily integrated into the heterogeneous IT environment without major changes to the existing infrastructure and that will ensure seamless process support
  • Deploy the solution rapidly in 33 countries
  • Develop a flexible multichannel ordering process and optimize business processes that focus on strong customer relationships


  • Implemented a new delivery service for hotels, restaurants, caterers, and resellers, such as gas stations and kiosks, which will lead to an expected revenue growth in the billion-euro range
  • Worked with Oracle Consulting to deploy Oracle Siebel Order Management to provide and support new retail services
  • Provided seamless and efficient support for all key processes of the delivery business, including order management, pricing, pick-up, and delivery of all goods
  • Integrated Siebel and Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher efficiently, using standardized interfaces for master data applications and various point-of-sale solutions
  • Rolled out solution quickly and successfully across 23 countries in two years
  • Ensured high level of customer satisfaction, due to the ability to provide top-level customer services, such as multichannel ordering and timely delivery of goods, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish