Military Health System Improves Reporting to Augment Medical Capabilities
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Military Health System Improves Reporting to Augment Medical Capabilities

The Military Health System (MHS) is the enterprise within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) responsible for providing healthcare to active duty U.S. Military personnel, retirees, survivors, and their dependents. MHS supports the mission of the military by providing health support to foster, protect, sustain, and restore health for MHS beneficiaries.

MHS wanted to improve reporting on medical program status, including objectives, schedules, accomplishments, staffing requirements, and high-level financial information. It also looked to support the implementation of legislative mandates and congressional task force recommendations by more effectively reporting on actions taken to address those directives. Additionally, MHS was focused on increasing visibility into medical programs to reduce overlap, and it wanted to facilitate the sharing of best practices across the organization through improved data analysis.

To meet these goals, MHS worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to identify system requirements and implement Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management to monitor the progress of MHS programs. Today, PwC consultants are the primary users of the system and support MHS in meeting its project management, reporting, and analysis goals.

With Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management, MHS can better track the progress of planned and funded medical programs―enhancing management, leadership decision-making, and reporting capabilities―while also providing greater visibility into program overlap and effectiveness. 

In addition, Primavera Portfolio Management provided a common data format and standardized reporting mechanisms for medical programs across MHS. This enabled Oracle partner PwC to automate data collection and reduce turnaround time and resources required to help MHS respond to congressional and Department of Defense reporting requests. Further, with improved information transparency, MHS can share lessons learned in terms of program management across its medical groups and initiatives, providing a cohesive approach to address medical issues. The organization also gained insight to help reduce medical program overlap and enhance MHS’s decision-making capabilities.



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MHS worked with PwC to identify organizational requirements and implement Oracle's Primavera Portfolio Management to track the progress of medical programs across MHS and facilitate reporting.

PwC helps to manage reporting and analysis for the organization, and uses the solution daily to help MHS meet its internal as well as regulatory reporting requirements. PwC and MHS use the solution’s customizable templates to create monthly and quarterly executive reports, dashboards, and high-level data summaries for program leadership.

“Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management has been very helpful for us at PwC. We use it almost daily, and refer to it as our first resource when we receive a project-related request from the Military Health System or other stakeholder groups. It enables us to deliver accurate and timely project-related information to MHS,” said Joseph Harrison, associate, PwC.