Milletech Systems, Inc. Runs Its Grants Management Solution on Extreme Performance Infrastructure, Excels with Proof of Concept for University System
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Milletech Systems, Inc. Runs Its Grants Management Solution on Extreme Performance Infrastructure, Excels with Proof of Concept for University System

Milletech Systems, Inc., an Oracle partner, provides a diverse range of IT services and solutions, including business intelligence (BI) systems designed specifically for the higher education, healthcare, and public sector industries.

The company’s ReARTS offering is a leading BI solution for managing grants in the education and healthcare sectors. It enables university research administrators to perform financial analyses for grant management, monitor financial health graphically, track compliance, and provide enterprise wide reporting for grant portfolios. The solution was built using Oracle Database, as well as Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition.

The company’s ReARTS solution is at work in institutions of all sizes, from midsize to multicampus healthcare and higher education systems. Recently, the company had an opportunity to sell the solution into a very large state university system that included 26 separate universities. The implementation would require the system to support more than 3,000 concurrent users, all running complex queries on a diverse data set, which also included 90 million purchase orders.

Milletech looked to Oracle and Oracle Exadata Database Machine for a solution. The company decided to conduct a proof of concept running ReARTS on Oracle Exadata. On average, the grant reports ran almost five times faster and queries were four-and-a-half times faster on Oracle Exadata. Complex queries—which might have 8,000 purchase order queries and require consulting a vendor database with hundreds of vendors, and run on 15 or 20 tables at the same time—showed the greatest improvement. For example, one complex query ran 142 times faster and another improved 15-fold. Before, such queries might run seven or eight hours, and today they complete in 3.3 minutes. As important, Milletech accomplished these results with no tuning at the application or database levels. 

In addition, the system running on Oracle Exadata can build reports that used to take four-to-five hours in just minutes. This is critical, since the system, which serves 24/7 operations, has only limited windows in which it can extract data from applications.

With Oracle Exadata, Milletech can scale its ReARTS solution easily to even the largest environments, while improving performance. It is a win-win situation for the Oracle partner and its customers.

A word from Milletech Systems, Inc.

  • “Oracle Exadata Database Machine is a great story for our midsize customers and prospects, as it seamlessly integrates with existing Oracle technology, yet provides a substantial boost in performance on a single instance used by thousands of geographically dispersed users, simultaneously.” – Nasir Mujawar, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Milletech Systems, Inc.