Mirvac Builds for Growth and Performance with Talent Intelligence
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Mirvac Builds for Growth and Performance with Talent Intelligence

Mirvac implemented Taleo Performance to improve how it communicated with and managed its people, and to bring about a change in how the company measured and monitored performance.

Previously, Mirvac had struggled with a performance management system that was notfully integrated with other talent management functions. An additional hurdle was that users rejected it because of complexity and difficulty. Mirvac needed a talent management suite that offered better integration and could be aligned with the company’s business needs, while still offering ease of use to ensure widespread acceptance across the organisation.

A difficult recovery from the global financial crisis made implementing Taleo Performance a priority from both a business and a cultural perspective. Taleo Performance enabled managers to have greater focus on performance management, making all employees more accountable and engaged with performance outcomes.

After just six months of using Taleo Performance, managers are closer to employees and enjoy better visibility into current and anticipated performance issues. Managers are accountable for having performance discussions with their employees and for communicating ratings on a timely basis.

Now, with Taleo Performance, Taleo Goals, and Taleo Succession offering sophisticated talent intelligence that is steering Mirvac from recovery and onto future growth, the company is preparing to implement remuneration, recruitment, and learning modules to provide a fully integrated talent management suite to position it for dramatic growth.




A word from Mirvac

  • “One of the key elements that we knew was going to drive success with Taleo was the user friendliness of the suite. Of course it had to have the technical capability, the sophistication and the complexity to manage all sorts of scenarios, but the key differentiator that made Taleo stand out was that it was easy to use.”- Brad Moore, Group Human Resources Director, Mirvac

  • Redesigning a performance management system that would enable growth and rebuilding after the global financial crisis
  • Implementing an integrated talent management suite that offered full visibility into performance management and succession planning, while remaining user friendly and allowing for future enhancements
  • Developing talent intelligence that would properly align people strategy with business needs


Oracle Product and Services

  • Taleo Goals
  • Taleo Succession
  • Taleo Performance
  • 95 percent compliance rate in terms of the number of performance plans the organisation has in the system.
  • Trained 1100 employees on how to use Taleo Performance in just three weeks.
  • Employees at all levels understand the link between their individual performance and the overall business goals of the company.
  • Mirvac is steadily building a unified talent management platform that provides the talent intelligence required for identifying high potential employees and developing them for future roles at the company.

This story was originally published on Taleo.com.