Modix Transforms Automotive Online Sales and Marketing with Web-Based, All-in-One Solution
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Modix Transforms Automotive Online Sales and Marketing with Web-Based, All-in-One Solution

Modix GmbH is a leading provider of IT-based marketing and sales solutions for the automotive industry, with a presence in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Portugal, and the Benelux countries. With MODIX, its Web-based, all-in-one solution for the automotive industry, the company combines vehicle administration, Website, and marketing applications (such as cross-media, online-to-print solutions) in a single, online product––helping car manufacturers, traders, and publishers to improve marketing and sales activity effectiveness across all major sales channels, including transaction platforms, online auctions, newspapers, and business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms.

When Modix launched in 2000, it required a scalable, reliable, and easy-to-deploy open source relational database as the foundation for its B2B and B2C online platforms. Modix selected Oracle’s MySQL Database with the objective of becoming Europe’s leading platform for online and cross-media sales and marketing of used automobiles.

Today, MySQL Enterprise Edition successfully supports a wide range of data-repository use cases for MODIX, including a flexible content management system for storing features and images of several hundred thousand used cars, a highly optimized car search engine, and cross-media online-to-print solutions. Many satisfied customers––such as Volkswagen, Audi, Peugeot, Toyota, and Jaguar––benefit from the company’s user-friendly and practical solutions, which combine vehicle management, Website marketing, and pioneering marketing applications in a market-proven product.




A word from Modix GmbH

  • "Oracle’s MySQL Enterprise Edition helped us build a highly available, reliable, and scalable database infrastructure, enabling us to provide our automotive customers with innovative marketing and sales solutions. With Oracle’s monitoring tools, we can react immediately when queries aren't executed fast enough to fine-tune system response and provide our customers with a perfect online experience." – Daniel Jungbluth, Chief Technology Officer, Modix GmbH

  • Identify an easy-to-deploy, open source relational database that could serve as the foundation for B2B and B2C platforms for online and cross-media sales and marketing of used automobiles
  • Ensure seamless database scalability for the platform that supports auto manufacturers, car dealers and traders, and other B2B and B2C car sales platforms that are marketing thousands of cars every day—each car having numerous distinctive features and images associated with it
  • Rely on open-source technologies to make it easier for the company to identify and hire qualified IT talent, while reducing maintenance and operational costs


Oracle Product and Services

  • Selected Oracle’s MySQL Database to provide a start-up, online company, having limited resources, with a scalable and reliable IT foundation on which it could grow rapidly
  • Developed a proprietary content management system, based on MySQL Enterprise Edition, for the efficient administration of used cars, currently showcasing several hundred thousand distinct cars with detailed features and images, more than one million updates per day, and an overall data volume in the terabyte range
  • Enabled many popular automotive search engines across Europe to continuously feed their own databases with several hundred thousand updates regarding used cars
  • Used the wide range of tools and applications that MySQL supports to provide innovative products and services to the automotive industry, enabling car manufacturers and car retailers to advertise their cars on sales channels that attract millions of visitors every day—such as motor marts, online auctions, newspapers, and B2B and B2C platforms—with a few mouse clicks, instead of filling out lengthy forms
  • Enabled car manufacturers and retailers using MODIX Connect Web, which is based on MySQL Enterprise Edition, to present their offerings directly through social media Websites, such as Facebook, and reach the highest possible number of consumers
  • Helped publishers to realize online motor marts and portals as a supplement to print advertising—based on MySQL Enterprise Edition's capabilities to serve dynamic Web pages for thousands of concurrent visitors—with the automatic import of print ads
  • Enabled car manufacturers and retailers using MODIX Mobile Web App based on MySQL Enterprise Edition to display their car inventory on mobile devices, such as smart phones, allowing potential customers to immediately view the latest information about used cars, including images

Why Oracle

"We initially chose MySQL, based on its ranking as the leading open source relational database on the market," said Daniel Jungbluth, chief technology officer, Modix GmbH. “We moved to Oracle’s supported version because we require complex configurations to achieve the highest performance for our content management systems. Our job is to invent and develop solutions for the sales and marketing professionals in the automotive industry, and to do so we need a reliable foundation and peace of mind. MySQL Enterprise Edition provides just that: top performance for our state-of-the-art online solutions. We also benefit from many knowledgeable programmers in the market, and Oracle’s comprehensive support.”