Morrisons Cuts Operational Reporting Time from Hours to Minutes, Extends Analytical Capabilities, Improves Decision-Making and Control
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Morrisons Cuts Operational Reporting Time from Hours to Minutes, Extends Analytical Capabilities, Improves Decision-Making and Control

Established 100 years ago, Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC (Morrisons) is the United Kingdom’s fourth-largest food retailer with 9 million customers shopping at its 476 stores every week. As the second-largest food manufacturer in the United Kingdom, the company sources and processes most of the fresh food it sells through its own manufacturing facilities, which gives it close control over provenance and quality.




A word from Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

  • "Oracle Exadata helps to derive more benefit and meaning from our data by delivering an immediate response to queries that previously took three hours to complete and enabling deeper analysis on an iterative basis." – Jonathan Walsh, Management Information Systems Manager, Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

  • Maintain enough capacity on the central data warehouse platform to support anticipated growth in the number and complexity of business intelligence (BI) queries
  • Enable analysis across a large number of manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and financial applications, bringing data together to provide one view across the organization for improved customer service
  • Improve ability to meet grocery shopper’s changing requirements
  • Drive company’s growth in the convenience store sector
  • Consolidate on Oracle to benefit from strategic alignment and support across hardware and applications


  • Replaced HP Superdome with Oracle Exadata Database Machine to increase capacity and improve processing power, enabling faster analysis and more informed decision-making throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, and retail business groups
  • Improved control over food manufacturing environment by rolling out Oracle Manufacturing Analytics to enable an organizationwide view of food product lines, volumes and lead-times across manufacturing sites, including abattoirs, fish processing facilities, and bakeries for the first time
  • Delivered manufacturing BI and analysis to senior management—rather than raw, operational data—to enable more informed decision-making
  • Produced financial reports in seconds instead of minutes with Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator, improving staff productivity and agility
  • Achieved data compression rates of 100x on some tables, ensuring enough capacity to manage large volumes of data, including information from all in-store transactions
  • Enabled Oracle Retail users to conduct iterative analysis for the first time, taking the output from one round of analysis and quickly using it as the input for the next analysis, gaining a deeper understanding of customer behavior to meet changing shoppers’ requirements and to help drive growth in the convenience store sector
  • Reduced the time to run detailed sales analysis reports from three hours to just seconds
  • Cut the time one user spends running weekly sales reports from all day to just 30 minutes, freeing up staff members to spend more time on value-add analysis and less time on report production
  • Deployed Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator to bring new data into Oracle Exadata in near real-time and replicate the data into reporting structures within the data warehouse—extending visibility into operations
  • Benefited from technology and support-based synergies by consolidating on Oracle as the company’s preferred IT supplier
  • Used Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution to provide 24/7 proactive support for Oracle Exadata, to resolve issues as they arise and ensure up-to-date patching for smooth and uninterrupted operation

Why Oracle

Morrisons is undertaking a large-scale IT transformation program encompassing financial systems, planning, forecasting, distribution, and manufacturing operations, and it chose Oracle as its preferred supplier. With a substantial Oracle estate already in place, Morrisons brought its Oracle applications onto Oracle Exadata to benefit from technological and support-based synergies across the organization.

“We chose Oracle Exadata to replace HP Superdome as Oracle Exadata offered the capacity, processing power and availability to meet our growing data processing requirements. We have achieved data compression rates of up to 100x,” said Jonathan Walsh, management information systems manager, Morrisons.

Implementation Process

Morrisons worked with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services to implement Oracle Exadata within an aggressive six-month timeframe. A short proof of concept demonstrated very high levels of compression and potential for batch processing improvement.

Oracle ran several workshops with Morrisons to demonstrate the necessary steps between delivering the machines and the go-live date. By drawing on Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services’ knowledge and expertise, Morrisons achieved a successful implementation.

Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services’ methodology and quality processes complemented Morrisons' in-house technical skills. Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services provided best-practice guidance and advice throughout the project to assist Morrisons’ technical teams with installing and configuring applications onto the Oracle Exadata platform and implementing a new backup and restore solution.