Multinet Pakistan Reduces Customers’ Operating Costs by 30%, Accelerates Time to Market, and Enhances Competitiveness

Multinet Pakistan Reduces Customers’ Operating Costs by 30%, Accelerates Time to Market, and Enhances Competitiveness

Multinet Pakistan is a data and voice communications provider, offering state-of-the-art, managed-services solutions to carrier and enterprise customers. Multinet built its own multilayered fiber-optic network across 11,000 kilometers and currently provides leading-edge, data-center services and cloud services for midsize, business-to-business customers spanning more than 107 cities across Pakistan. The company continues to aggressively invest in expanding its reach within Pakistan and neighboring countries.




A word from Mutlinet Pakistan

  • “We selected Oracle solutions over IBM and Cisco because Oracle offers a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable cloud virtualization platform that enabled us to reduce our customers’ operating costs by 30% and accelerated time to market. Oracle’s rapid innovation cycle was a perfect fit for our business requirements and provides a solid foundation for our strategic growth in the midsize business sector.” – said Tariq Mustafa, Vice President - Technology, Multinet Pakistan

  • Implement a flexible, cost-effective, reliable, and scalable public-cloud service that enables midsize business customers to reduce operating costs, including high energy costs due to unreliable power supplies in Pakistan, and to ensure business continuity
  • Provide more innovative cloud services by using a cutting-edge virtualization platform to support growth in the midsize business sector and remain competitive in the price-sensitive telecommunication services industry


  • Enabled a cost-effective public cloud service by using energy-efficient and compact Sun Server X2-4 and Sun Server X3-2 systems from Oracle, reducing customers’ power costs by 30% and saving data-center space requirements
  • Reduced virtualization overhead by 100% by deploying an integrated, public-cloud operating system without additional license costs, thanks to Oracle VM Server for x86
  • Cut labor resources for managing more than 200 servers on a public cloud platform by using standardized Oracle VM templates to automate provisioning, patching, and configuration, minimizing the difficulties of hiring skilled labor in Pakistan
  • Provided a highly available and scalable storage solution using Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for the virtualization platform, which will support future growth in the telecommunication services market
  • Increased staff productivity by providing an integrated and complete view of cloud lifecycle management and simplified database, middleware, and application management, thanks to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Accelerated time to market for new communications services and improved competitive positions with a flexible and efficient optimized- cloud solution, based on Oracle

Why Oracle

Multinet Pakistan chose Oracle VM Server for x86, Sun Server X2-4, Sun Server X3-2, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance because they are cost-effective, reliable, and scalable and enabled the company to reduce customers’ operating costs and support growth in the telecommunication services market.

“We selected Oracle over IBM and Cisco because Oracle solutions are more flexible and offer innovation for cloud offerings at a faster pace than its competitors. Oracle solutions are a perfect fit for our requirements as we expand in the midsize business sector because they enabled us to accelerate our time to market and reduce costs,” said Tariq Mustafa, Vice President – Technology, Multinet Pakistan.

Implementation Process

Multinet Pakistan conducted trials before the Oracle virtualization platform went live, which took about three months. The company’s internally managed service team continues to manage the public cloud services.

“Thanks to Oracle’s rapid innovation cycle, we can deliver the most cost-effective cloud services to our customers and enable them to realize the benefits even faster,” Mustafa said.


Multinet Pakistan engaged Oracle partner Premier Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. to integrate the hardware and software solutions for its public-cloud virtualization platform.

“Premier Systems had expertise in and experience with Oracle hardware and software solutions and delivered the project on time and without surprises. This enabled us to pass on the savings to our customers through the cost-effective virtualization platform,” Mustafa said.