NEDIS Ensures Business Continuity, Cuts IT Support 30% to 40%, Reduces Power Consumption by 75% and Footprint by 80%
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NEDIS Ensures Business Continuity, Cuts IT Support 30% to 40%, Reduces Power Consumption by 75% and Footprint by 80%

  • Oracle Customer:  NEDIS BV
    Location:  Den Bosch, Netherlands
    Industry:  Wholesale Distribution
    Employees:  350
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

NEDIS BV is one of Europe’s market leaders in consumer electronics and accessories. As a branded wholesaler, it carries nine of its own brands and distributes more than 300 other brands, including exclusive and licensed products.




A word from NEDIS BV

  • "Oracle SPARC and Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers have enabled us to consolidate our legacy applications and operating system on the most advanced platform available. We now have higher availability, faster response times, reduced support costs, lower power consumption, and built-in scalability to meet our expansion target." – Jack Breukers, Senior Information Communications Technology Manager, NEDIS BV

  • Migrate existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to new and supported servers and storage systems to ensure business continuity
  • Maximize agility to deploy new applications, respond to industry trends to meet changing customer needs to double revenues in three years, boost profit margins, and become one of Europe’s leading consumer electronics wholesalers
  • Minimize business risk and eliminate user disruption by avoiding need to modify the operating system, application software, or processes that support introducing approximately 200 new consumer electronics products each month, including cables, smartphone accessories, and LED lights
  • Improve on an existing service level agreement (SLA) target of 98% uptime for 350 users in 12 countries while cutting response times for ERP applications
  • Cut infrastructure support costs, reduce power consumption, and shrink hardware footprint


  • Guaranteed business continuity in the competitive consumer electronics sector by replacing six desupported servers and six legacy storage units serving 12 countries with a single SPARC T4-2 server and Sun Storage 2530M2 storage array, located in NEDIS’s data center in the Netherlands
  • Eliminated need to upgrade operating or ERP systems by using Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers to capture existing Oracle Solaris environments and transfer them to a SPARC T4-2 server running on Oracle Solaris 10
  • Avoided, by using Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers, redesigning business processes and changing program codes and port applications
  • Delivered seamless switchover for users with no changes to their day-to-day work
  • Completed entire migration and back-up environment in 4 months by moving to a single, consolidated hardware platform—a process that would have taken 12 months if NEDIS had opted to replace six legacy environments, individually
  • Reduced cost of ownership by 30% to 40% by eliminating high overhead for maintaining legacy servers, including savings from consolidating six instances on the virtualized platform
  • Avoided performance degradation by using a Sun Storage 2530M2 storage array to create a consolidated, dedicated storage environment, which enables efficient storage provisioning for NEDIS’ applications
  • Achieved 2x to 3x faster system response time with SPARC T4’s multithreaded cores and unrivalled processing speeds, which improved user efficiency and satisfaction
  • Increased system availability from 98% to 99.8%, which improved SLA compliance
  • Cut hardware power consumption by 75% due to SPARC T4’s eco-efficient cooling
  • Needed 80% less rack space and closed one computer room, thanks to the small footprint of the SPARC T4 server
  • Gained IT scalability, performance, and cost efficiency to support target of doubling revenue in three years in the fast-moving electronics sector, while boosting margins

Why Oracle

NEDIS chose Oracle’s SPARC T4-2 server and Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers to provide an easy and proven migration path to a high-performance hardware platform without changing software applications or business processes. The SPARC T4-2 server’s built-in redundant architecture provided a robust platform to ensure availability.

"Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers and SPARC T4-2 server enabled us to consolidate six environments to one," said Breukers. "It cut implementation time from a year to four months, and continues to save us up to 40% for support."


Oracle Partner Arteq conducted a proof of concept for NEDIS and migrated a copy of the company’s existing environment to SPARC T4-2 servers, using Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers. The success of the migration proved that SPARC technology would allow NEDIS to extend the life of its ERP system.

Arteq worked with NEDIS to manage a phased migration of its European operations to the consolidated platform. The group completed the migration with minimal downtime and without business disruption. NEDIS has extended its managed services contract with Arteq to cover the virtualized environment.

"Arteq liberated our business-critical ERP systems from legacy hardware and deployed them on the industry’s most high-performance platform without incurring the cost or disruption of porting software," Breukers said.