Netshoes Accelerates E-Commerce System Response, Improves Conversion Rates and Delivers New Marketing Campaigns Faster
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Netshoes Accelerates E-Commerce System Response, Improves Conversion Rates and Delivers New Marketing Campaigns Faster

Netshoes is the largest sporting goods and leisure e-commerce site in Latin America. With operations in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, its mission is to offer the best online shopping experience, supported by technology and constant innovation.

The company was founded by Marcio Kumruian who opened the first São Paulo store in 2000. Two years later, he decided to launch the first online, sporting-gear store in Latin America. Today Netshoes is 100% online, and it distributes the National Basketball Association (NBA), Oakley, Puma, Havaianas, Timberland, Topper, Mizuno and Globo Esporte brands. It is also the official soccer club store for several teams, including Corinthians, São Paulo, Palmeiras, Santos, Bahia, Cruzeiro, Vasco, Coritiba, Chivas, Pumas, Monterrey, Club America and Cruz Azul.

The company has been gearing up to meet increased demand as Brazil prepares to host two of the sporting world’s biggest events—the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. As part of these efforts, Netshoes’ IT department is restructuring to enable the company to grow rapidly without compromising service quality.

The online retailer implemented Oracle ATG Web Commerce and has increased its sales conversion rate by improving the customer shopping experience. To support this solution, the company decided to migrate to Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, which ensured a highly scalable, available, and robust environment.




A word from Netshoes

  • "Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud proved to be much more efficient and stable than the hardware platform we had been using. Our server response time, for instance, is 20% faster. Another major benefit is that the solution delivers contingency features, such as data load balancing, software and mission-critical virtualization that further ensure the availability of our Oracle ATG Web Commerce environment and security for our operations.” – Jesus de Francisco Garcia, Director of IT Infrastructure, Netshoes

  • Upgrade the company’s e-commerce environment to support growing interest in sporting gear and apparel in advance of two global events―the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics―that will take place in Brazil
  • Ensure high availability and performance of Oracle ATG Web Commerce to provide responsive service to 17 million visitors to the company’s Web sites each month


  • Implemented Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to quickly improve the stability, scalability, and robustness of the company’s Oracle ATG Web Commerce environment, enabling it to run more effective sports-apparel marketing campaigns and continue to increase conversion rates
  • Accelerated Oracle ATG Web Commerce server response time by 20% with Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, which requires fewer resources to perform the same operations, and eliminated hardware-related service interruptions, directly impacting Netshoes’ conversion rate
  • Enhanced the IT environment’s security and reliability, thanks to the platform’s contingency features, such as data load balancing and software and mission-critical virtualization, which are essential for e-commerce transactions
  • Reduced the number of Oracle ATG Web Commerce instances from 103 to 16 with the same information volume, operating in a more efficient manner after replacing the company’s JBoss platform—which required approximately 35 machines—with Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • Freed IT professionals from spending significant time monitoring transaction flows, allowing them to dedicate more time to the company’s strategic initiatives
  • Consolidated the hardware infrastructure to a single server, saving space and reducing operational expenses, such as electricity costs
  • Worked with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services (ACS) to expedite implementation and reduce downtime-related costs with Oracle Standard Installation Services
  • Achieved successful system implementation in record time—performed by highly trained ACS engineers—leveraging proven best practices and standardized installation methodologies

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud due to the possibility of reducing our total cost of ownership (TCO) and improving our Oracle ATG Web Commerce application performance, which is now vital to our operation. In addition, Oracle has actively participated in the migration process, supporting us and allocating resources from Brazil and abroad to conduct concept testing and to help us comply with the timeline.” said Jesus de Francisco Garcia, director of IT infrastructure, Netshoes.

Implementation Process

Netshoes migrated to Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud in less than three weeks, without any downtime, and it immediately realized benefits.

“To reduce risk, we performed a concept test in which we created a test environment to carry out the migration. This required high-level planning and was only possible thanks to the great support we got from Oracle,” Garcia said.


“The Object Edge team was very competent and involved in our business, helping us to define and guide all stages of the migration and with a high level of knowledge to support the successful implementation and operation of our new hardware platform. This has enabled us to run more effective sales campaigns and continue to increase conversion rates” Garcia said.