Neuralitic Systems Inc. Improves Customers’ Marketing Initiatives Using Engineered Data Warehouse to Deliver Mobile Data Intelligence
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Neuralitic Systems Inc. Improves Customers’ Marketing Initiatives Using Engineered Data Warehouse to Deliver Mobile Data Intelligence

Founded in 2007 and backed by well-known venture capital firms, Neuralitic Systems Inc. is a leading provider of mobile data intelligence solutions that help mobile operators unlock the value of their data to understand subscriber behaviors that influence data service adoption. SevenFlow, Neuralitic’s flagship product, turns massive amounts of unstructured data into compact and usable data sets, ready for use by multiple applications. The company draws its expertise from employees in a variety of fields related to its core business, including IP infrastructure, business intelligence, high-throughput databases, dimensional data modeling, mathematics, and wireless network engineering.

Challenges and Solutions

A word from Neuralitic Systems Inc.

  • “Oracle Exadata Database Machine enables us to keep up with the constant growth in data volume in the largest mobile networks in the world, which is very important for our continued business development.” – Louis Brun, Chief Operating Officer and Founder, Neuralitic Systems Inc.

Mobile operators are experiencing phenomenal growth in data traffic, including Neuralitic’s customers who report that their traffic is tripling every year. To meet existing and future customer requirements for processing increased mobile data volume, Neuralitic deployed Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-8 Full Rack to support its SevenFlow solution, where data is collected and continuously batch loaded every 15 minutes and then aggregated nightly, according to several different dimensions.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine enabled SevenFlow to gain 3-times faster processing time performance and also significantly improve its compression rate and scalability by 10 times. With the flexible and scalable Oracle Exadata platform, Neuralitic improved both its solution and its business model as the engineered system has enabled it to focus on developing its application, accelerating revenues, and reducing key development cost components thus, enabling a faster time to market.

With Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Neuralitic met and exceeded extract, transform, and load (ETL) scalability requirements by a factor of 1 to 3 times, and decreased the data aggregation batch window by a factor of 1.5 to 2.5 times, enabling SevenFlow customers to access information more rapidly. Moreover, the Exadata platform enabled Neuralitic to reduce the time needed to produce summary data usage and mobile activity reports by 1.3 to 2.4 times, allowing customers to meet the scaling demands of increased data and to gain deeper insight.

The positive impact for Neuralitic’s customers translates into the ability to support more subscribers and do more with data, and to have a longer retention period. The combination of Oracle Exadata and the SevenFlow application captures 100% of subscribers’ data and enables mobile operators to access detailed information about subscriber behavior. SevenFlow enriches extracted data with labeling elements, such as device name, location name, and customer relationship management information―keeping the focus on delivering meaningful information that can improve marketing effectiveness and the customer experience.

With Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Neuralitic now has a complete range of solutions, enabling it to support any operator, no matter the size. Furthermore, with Oracle Exadata, Neuralitic can halve the time it takes to deploy SevenFlow at customer sites, enabling customers to realize its benefits more quickly and helping Neuralitic to significantly shorten its order-to-revenue cycle.



Why Oracle

“Oracle can see the long-term potential of a relationship, which is a very positive thing when you are a startup like we are, with big ideas and an ambitious plan. Oracle has given us great support in terms of access to the technology through its Oracle Exastack Labs program, so we could perform initial testing and benchmarking. For a young company, such as Neuralitic, it is nice to see Oracle embracing the independent software vendor community with the same focus it dedicates to its resellers,” said Louis Brun, chief operating officer and founder, Neuralitic Systems.

“By using the Oracle Exadata platform, we gain a clear competitive advantage. Where most of our competitors have to spend part of their research and development budget on developing the optimal system for their application, we can focus on our core business: developing the best mobile data intelligence solution for mobile operators,” Brun said.

Neuralitic’s SevenFlow has achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized Status through the Oracle PartnerNetwork. In achieving this status, the application has been fully tested and is certified as supported on Oracle Exadata Database Machine.