Neusoft Significantly Improves Social Security System Performance, Cuts Time to Process and Approve Payments to Citizens of 13 Chinese Provinces
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Neusoft Significantly Improves Social Security System Performance, Cuts Time to Process and Approve Payments to Citizens of 13 Chinese Provinces

Neusoft Corporation is the largest IT solution and service provider in China. The company provides reliable, high-quality, industry-related software, platforms, and business solutions to customers in the telecommunications, energy, financial, government, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation sectors. It is also the largest social security, technical-solution provider in China. It has more than 230 social security customers across 13 provinces, 18 provincial capitals, and 170 cities, covering more than 400 million people.

To meet the challenges of China’s changing social services infrastructure and support an increase in concurrent usage rates and data administration, Neusoft decided to upgrade its social security solution using Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle WebLogic Suite. Neusoft improved the performance of some batch processing tasks by 15x, under test conditions; cut capital expenditure by 20%; and enhanced government public services by enabling social security staff to quickly and easily access and analyze cross-regional pension, healthcare, and funding information.

China’s Changing Social Security Infrastructure

A word from Neusoft Corporation

  • “Oracle Exadata is a good fit for our social security application, enabling us to quickly respond to market changes, and help customers reduce risk and achieve the optimal total cost of operations. We have improved batch processing performance for some tasks by up to 15x, cut capital expenditures by 20%, and enabled local and regional governments to process social security payments and approvals 98% faster.” – Dr. Zhang Xia, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Knowledge Officer, Neusoft Corporation

Neusoft’s integrated social security solution is used by the National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security; as well as city-, regional-, and union-level governments, and governments in provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. The solution supports a number of the Chinese government’s subsystems, covering public service, pensions, healthcare, industrial injuries, unemployment, maternity, and funds and finance. It helps governments implement social security policies and improves cross-regional cooperation, administration quality, decision-making and analysis abilities, as well as social security auditing and fund supervision.

The social security solution also deals with service-related inquiries and reports and the issuance of social security cards, as well as providing a convenient and immediate, one-stop public service for Chinese citizens.

China’s social security infrastructure was moving from separate, city-based management to a more centralized, province-based management structure. To support this change, Neusoft wanted to upgrade its social security solution to facilitate greater cross-regional cooperation and enable services, such as cross-regional pension and healthcare payments.

“We wanted to help optimize China’s social security services by developing a system that supported a large number of concurrent users, an increased amount of data administration, and real-time, online analysis and review of social security data,” said Dr. Zhang Xia, senior vice president, chief technology officer, and chief knowledge officer, Neusoft Corporation.

In addition, Neusoft wanted to reduce the number of products used in its previous social security solution, which could result in lengthy diagnosis and troubleshooting, due to the number of vendors involved. It also wanted to cut complex system administration processes and high costs, which were constraining the ability of various governments to develop and offer timely social security services to citizens across the region.

Achieved High-Quality Cross-Regional Services with Oracle Exadata

Batch Processing Performance and Transaction Times Improve

Smart Scan Searches Eliminate I/O Bottlenecks

Data Storage Requirements Decreased

Powerful Tools Reduce Costs




  • Meet the challenges of China’s changing social security infrastructure, including a move from separate, city-based management to centralized, province-based management
  • Facilitate greater cross-regional cooperation to enable services, such as cross-regional pension and healthcare payments
  • Develop a system that enables real-time, online analysis and review of social security data to help optimize China’s social security services
  • Support high, concurrent usage rates and increased data administration created by centralizing social security information
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by minimizing the number of vendors used for the system because having multiple vendors could result in lengthy troubleshooting processes and higher maintenance costs
  • Cut complex system administration processes, which were constraining various governments’ abilities to develop and offer timely social security services


  • Improved the performance of some batch processing tasks by 15x, including the speed of running data analyses, statistics, and extensive data reviews
  • Reduced by 98% the time required for governments to process and approve social security payments—from 10 hours to 12 minutes
  • Cut by 99% the time for governments to complete healthcare insurance processing tasks—from 36 hours to 29 minutes
  • Reduced capital expenditure by 20% and is expected to lower the total cost of ownership for customers by 50%
  • Supported an increasing amount of social security data by lowering data storage requirements by 80% using Oracle Exadata’s Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • Processed savings carry overs from annual pension allowances 15x faster—in one hour, compared to 15 hours, previously
  • Lowered query response times for pension-payment data from six minutes to less than three minutes, and for medical-billing data from seven hours to around 15 minutes
  • Ensured the system can support more than 400 concurrent users, which are required to service the average city
  • Enabled governments to efficiently supervise social security services and administration, and quickly and easily detect any problems related to quality, efficiency, or fraud, by conducting real-time, targeted data analysis using Oracle Exadata’s Smart Scan
  • Eliminated I/O performance bottlenecks, by significantly reducing I/O consumption and data transmission times during data analysis using Oracle Exadata’s storage index
  • Reduced complex system administration processes, and the number of maintenance and administration staff, cutting costs and ensuring the social security solution can be extended to grassroots government and community groups
  • Assisted governments’ decision-making capabilities by providing accurate, up-to-date, and easy-to-understand cross-regional social security information for detailed analysis
  • Enhanced social security staff satisfaction by ensuring application and system performance meets their requirements
  • Met the requirements of China’s informatization strategy and promoted governments as forerunners in improving the amount of accurate and accessible online social security information available in the national economy
  • Supported cross-regional public services—such as healthcare and pension insurance—business operations, and personnel transfers, by encouraging sharing integrated and standardized information across a national network
  • Helped improve social development by supporting governments’ transformations from service administrators to public service providers
  • Improved public satisfaction by enhancing the transparency of social security services and providing a one-stop shop for information about pensions, healthcare, injury, and unemployment payments
  • Modernized social security services management methods and standardized procedures across different subsystems by integrating registration, review, payment, and auditing information for processes, such as those used for unemployment benefits 
  • Became the first IT partner in China’s social security industry to implement Oracle Exadata to optimize social security services and business operations
  • Consolidated on Oracle Exastack products to ensure the solution operates smoothly and the troubleshooting process can be completed quickly and easily

Why Oracle

For the past 17 years, Neusoft has been building a robust social security solution using Oracle products, such as Oracle Database, to best fit the needs of China’s evolving social security infrastructure.

Although most Chinese social security system databases run on traditional UNIX server platforms, Neusoft felt that Oracle Exadata was a better fit for the social security sector.

“We have 17 years of rich experience in the social security industry and fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of using hardware servers that support a database system from a different vendor,” said Zhang. “It is critical for us to introduce competition, improve the performance of individual database nodes, cut down overall costs, and reduce system administration and maintenance personnel and expenses by integrating Oracle Exadata.”

Neusoft was especially impressed with the outstanding features in Oracle Exadata, including its 96 GB memory, integrated cache and client-cache results, and a high-speed 40 GB network with InfiniBand.

“Oracle Exadata’s world-leading capabilities powerfully support the healthy development of China’s social security system and will increasingly provide a better hardware option for Chinese users,” she said.

Implementation Process

Neusoft began its social security solution upgrade project in October 2011 and conducted the first pilot project with Benxi Social Insurance Bureau in January 2012.

Oracle’s technical experts helped Neusoft’s software research and development team to migrate its social security solution to Oracle Exadata Database Machine Quarter Rack and Oracle WebLogic Suite, and take full advantage of the database machine’s advanced capabilities. In June 2012, Oracle helped Neusoft run tests to optimize the migration and the system, eliminate major technical risks before the social security solution went live, and ensure its staff was fully trained.

“Oracle Consulting and Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services helped our technical team to build up its Oracle Exadata skills,” said Zhang. “They also helped solve complex technical problems to ensure the rapid and steady operation of our social security solution.”

In August 2012, Neusoft successfully deployed its social security solution to the Social Security System of Inner Mongolia.