Norway Post Improves Customer Service and Saves Major Annual Costs by Boosting Call-Center Productivity
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Norway Post Improves Customer Service and Saves Major Annual Costs by Boosting Call-Center Productivity

  • Oracle Customer:  Norway Post AS
    Location:  Oslo, Norway
    Industry:  Public Sector
    Employees:  20,000
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

Norway Post AS, founded in 1647, is the Norwegian postal service. The company, owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications, manages mail distribution throughout the country and has businesses in other parts of the Nordic region. In 2002, Norway Post changed its corporate structure to become a joint-stock company in preparation for Norwegian postal market deregulation.




A word from Norway Post AS

  • “Thanks to Oracle's cloud integration solution, our cloud CRM service works great with our on-premise, back-end systems. The advantages are significant, including major cost savings.” – Trond Guneriussen, Service Manager, Internal Integration, Norway Post AS

  • Streamline operations and reduce costs, including IT expenses for the company's five customer-service call centers in response to shrinking revenues, as the volume of mail has fallen 40% since 1999
  • Enable customer-service representatives to more efficiently and accurately help customers, including answering questions, tracking missing or delayed mail, and making compensation payments
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Expand insight into customer behavior and preferences and use the information to improve service and product offerings
  • Create a solution that is easy to roll out to new organizations as Norway Post acquires additional companies


Oracle Product and Services

  • Implemented Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle WebLogic Suite to integrate the company’s cloud-based,, customer-relationship management (CRM) system with its customer-service call centers' on-premise, back-end systems—such as those used to manage customer lists, addresses, financial and procurement systems, and a mail-tracking solution—so employees can access them from a single, user interface and deliver faster and more thorough assistance
  • Cut time needed to access customer and tracking information from back-office systems—improving customer and employee satisfaction
  • Saved major costs annually, thanks to improved call-center productivity
  • Achieved additional significant savings in time and effort and improved data quality by ensuring that information changes made in the integrated, back-end system are automatically synchronized in all other integrated systems, thanks to Oracle SOA Suite
  • Expanded customer insight through more efficient customer-service call centers, enabled by cloud integration—which improves services and increases customer satisfaction and the company’s profitability
  • Created a solution that makes it easy for companies that Norway Post acquires to implement—accelerating time to value
  • Eliminated previous skepticism toward integration between cloud computing and on-premise back-end systems to facilitate more benefits from this type of solution by using it in other parts of the organization

Why Oracle

“We chose the Oracle solution for cloud-integration middleware because of its high reliability and flexibility. We had used Oracle extensively for a long time, so it was also a matter of making the most of our investment in our Oracle-based strategic integration platform,” said Trond Guneriussen, service manager, internal integration, Norway Post AS.


Accenture implemented the cloud integration solution and Capgemini implemented Norway Post’s specific configurations into the cloud solution.