Novation Improves Healthcare Supply Chain Analytics Performance and Scalability
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Novation Improves Healthcare Supply Chain Analytics Performance and Scalability

Founded in 1998, Novation is a leading healthcare supply chain expertise, analytics, and contracting company for the more than 65,000 members of VHA Inc. and UHC, two national healthcare alliances, the Children's Hospital Association, an alliance of the nation’s leading pediatric facilities, and Provista, LLC. Novation provides alliance members with sourcing services, as well as information and data services. The organization develops and manages competitive contracts with more than 600 suppliers. Many hospitals rely on the company’s supply chain data management service to monitor monthly spend, analyze purchases, and help ensure an adequate stock of medical supplies. 

The company has seen its transaction volume growth rates double approximately once every six months (400% annually), requiring the company to increase database performance speeds, improve backup capabilities to limit system downtime, enhance analytics capabilities, and streamline its back-office infrastructure to provide information to its hospital and healthcare alliance customers more rapidly, while also enhancing internal business analytics.

The company selected Oracle Exadata Database Machine to meet its growing database needs. Oracle Exadata helped make data processing times 10 to 15x faster than the legacy solution, and reduced transaction processing times from hours to minutes. The Oracle solution also enables the company to provide analytics to hospitals more quickly, supporting increased visibility into savings opportunities—either in pricing or in contracting. The improved analytics speed also enables internal executives to react more quickly to market changes.

The Oracle solution also allows the company to store more data on less hardware with the Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression functionality, which provides significant savings while also increasing performance and enabling faster access to information. It also enabled the company to consolidate several applications on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, simplifying database administration, infrastructure, and management.

The company also selected Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliance as its backup storage device to enable very rapid data backup—up to 6 terabytes per hour—and help reduce system downtime. The InfiniBand connectivity between Oracle Exadata and the storage appliance enables Novation to rapidly move data between the devices and access the data as quickly as needed.

A word from Novation

  • "Oracle Exadata Database Machine enables us to process regular hospital transactions much faster and, when coupled with Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, provides around-the-clock availability with minimum maintenance downtime to ensure our applications are online and available when our customers need them.” – Alex Latham, Senior Director, Operational Applications Development, Novation



Why Oracle

"We selected Oracle because we needed a system that met our performance expectations, was more reliable, and reduced infrastructure redundancy to provide hospitals with the information they need as quickly as possible. The Oracle Exadata platform performed much faster than the competition. Further, Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliance enables us to securely backup our data while limiting downtime—key requirements to meet our customers’ performance expectations,” said Alex Latham, senior director, operational applications development, Novation