Nufarm Improves IT Platform Serving Three Countries Through the Cloud, Improves Efficiency with Electronic Billing
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Nufarm Improves IT Platform Serving Three Countries Through the Cloud, Improves Efficiency with Electronic Billing

  • Oracle Customer:  Nufarm SA
    Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Industry:  Chemicals
    Employees:  45
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

Nufarm SA is the Argentine subsidiary of Nufarm Limited, one of the world’s 10 largest producers and providers of agrochemicals designed to protect crops. Nufarm also owns the Nuseed Company, which is dedicated to plant breeding and that markets sunflowers, sorghum, and canola.

Nufarm Limited has more than 2,600 employees worldwide, with factories in 13 countries. It offers more than 2,400 registered products, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and growth regulators, in over 100 countries. In Latin America, it has operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.




A word from Nufarm SA

  • “Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Cloud Service is a world-class, robust, reliable system with rich functionality to support the chemicals industry. Its database structure and capabilities make it an open platform, enabling us to create applications that help optimize agrochemicals distribution, production, and sales.” – Mariano Quintana, Regional Leader of Oracle Projects, Nufarm SA

  • Sustain business growth by streamlining business processes, including production, distribution, and the sale of agrochemicals for crop protection
  • Establish a reliable IT platform across Argentina, Chile, and Colombia to unify administration and management systems and extend enterprise visibility
  • Improve critical business processes, such as customer billing and product shipments, to optimize operational efficiency and profitability


  • Expanded the Oracle E-Business Suite environment managed by Oracle Managed Cloud Services to unify management in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia—countries where Nufarm has production, distribution, and sales operations for seeds and agrochemicals
  • Implemented Oracle Purchasing Managed Cloud Service to automate payments and deliveries of supplies and raw materials—including pesticides and herbicides—for agrochemical production
  • Enhanced production planning with a detailed inventory of materials that includes locations and production stages
  • Developed new platforms to manage shipping costs and tracking shipments, enabling Nufarm to identify the location of every shipment, prepare for product deliveries, and trigger purchasing and production
  • Optimized managing 30 monthly agrochemical shipments by providing 60-day visibility into each shipment, from and to anywhere in the world—with the ability to monitor each movement, increasing distribution efficiency
  • Used Oracle Forms and Reports Managed Cloud Service to create an application to manage herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide shipments—which greatly improved fleet management by streamlining delivery processes
  • Reduced paper use with electronic billing and by developing a new application with Oracle Forms and Reports that is integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite, which simplifies providing invoice, receipt, and account status to customers
  • Managed packing lists in a central, online repository using Oracle Database, integrated with shipping management, to simplify agrochemical loading and shipping,
  • Improved management of agrochemical formulation
  • Automated routing of products sent to third-party producers under contract, accelerating shipments and ensuring agrochemicals quality

Why Oracle

In 2005, Nufarm first selected Oracle E-Business Suite—administrated by Oracle Managed Cloud Services—for its Latin American operations.  

“We didn’t have an IT infrastructure. We selected Oracle E-Business Suite because it was a tried-and-tested solution that had been very successful. We chose Oracle Managed Cloud Services because it enabled us save on IT infrastructure expenses, while still providing the best support. Today, we have an Oracle project office and continue to use Oracle Managed Cloud Services for deployments throughout the region. In addition, Oracle Database is incomparable and irreplaceable. Microsoft SQL, Sybase, and Informix can’t touch it,” said Mariano Quintana, regional leader of Oracle projects, Nufarm SA.

“It is more cost effective to pay a monthly fee to support the database, hardware, and the application suite than to buy solutions and hire more employees. And, there’s less risk of incidents when you have an Oracle Managed Cloud Services contract. We have been so pleased that we are now migrating to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12,” Quintana said.

Implementation Process

Nufarm deployed Oracle E-Business Suite in 2005 in Argentina, using Oracle Managed Cloud Services. Between 2006 and 2010, it extended the implementation to subsidiaries in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, and to Nuseed Argentina. In 2011, the company implemented Oracle Forms to develop new electronic invoicing, seed exchange, and shipping management applications. It integrated these applications with Oracle E-Business Suite to comply with Argentina’s Federal Administration of Public Revenues regulations, optimize management efficiency, and enhance customer relationships.

“In 2011, we used Oracle Forms and Reports Managed Cloud Service to enhance processes, such as exchanging seeds for agrochemicals, and to manage packing slips and shipments, with all data integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite, as well as with our electronic billing process,” Quintana said.


Nufarm worked with Oracle partner IT Convergence to implement Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Cloud Service, as well as to develop Oracle Forms and Reports Managed Cloud Service applications, such as those used to generate online packing slips. It completed the implementation on time and within budget.

“IT Convergence is a strategic partner for us. We have great confidence in the company, which has the necessary infrastructure to succeed and a clear understanding of our business,” Quintana said. “IT Convergence also helped us to optimize our Oracle investment.”