Openbaar Ministerie Improves Criminal Justice Case Collaboration with Sophisticated, Multimedia Storage
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Openbaar Ministerie Improves Criminal Justice Case Collaboration with Sophisticated, Multimedia Storage

Openbaar Ministerie, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service, leads adjudication of criminal cases in the Netherlands. It decides whether or not a case should be brought to court, and, if so, it initiates proceedings. In addition, it is also responsible for protecting the rights of victims and offenders throughout the judicial process. To put it concisely, Openbaar Ministerie is responsible for maintaining legal order.

The organization was looking to digitalize its entire workflow and to use the already centralized databases from criminal justice case files more efficiently by simplifying data storage and enabling quick multimedia data retrieval. To achieve its goals, the organization selected Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The solution, which is managed by Atos and delivered to the Dutch Public Prosecution Service as through outsourcing, led to more efficient day-to-day handling of criminal justice cases.




A word from Openbaar Ministerie

  • “Simplifying data storage on Oracle Exadata Database Machine has enabled our prosecution officers to work more efficiently and effectively in the pursuit of justice.” – Ton Reesink, Chief Information Officer, Openbaar Ministerie

  • Simplify data storage from criminal justice case files throughout the country into a single database and enable quick and permanently available multimedia data retrieval for prosecution officers working on cases around the clock, from any location
  • Deliver a solution that can support 5,000 users, with peaks in simultaneous database access and data retrieval from 2,000 users
  • Accelerate prosecution officers’ day-to-day management of criminal justice cases by switching from paper dossiers to digital dossiers with the most recent data accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Improve the user experience and ease of use for communication through centralized data storage
  • Create a more scalable solution to provide tailored storage for an exponentially growing multimedia database of criminal justice case files


Oracle Product and Services

  • Consolidated several terabytes of data in an enterprise data warehouse on Oracle Exadata Database Machine to create single source for criminal justice case files used by prosecution officers in collaboration with partner organizations through direct and automatic database communication
  • Delivered a database solution that is scalable to support future growth and is flexible enough to handle usage peaks when 2,000 simultaneous users are exchanging or accessing information or are otherwise involved in electronic communication
  • Accelerated day-to-day management of cases for more than 800 prosecution officers across the country by providing 24/7 access from any location to the most recent data in case files, even during court sessions
  • Improved communication due to improved reaction times and access from any location at any time
  • Created an architecture based on Oracle Exadata Storage Servers that is easily scaled to any level of performance and storage capacity