Orbitz Worldwide Reduces Agent Errors by 90%, Realizes Substantial Return on Customer-Service Investment

Orbitz Worldwide Reduces Agent Errors by 90%, Realizes Substantial Return on Customer-Service Investment

Orbitz Worldwide, LLC (NYSE:OWW) is a leading global online travel company using technology to transform the way consumers around the world plan and purchase travel. Orbitz Worldwide operates the consumer travel planning sites Orbitz (www.orbitz.com), ebookers (www.ebookers.com), HotelClub (www.hotelclub.com) and CheapTickets (www.cheaptickets.com). Also within the Orbitz Worldwide family, Orbitz Partner Network (www.orbitz.com/OPN) delivers private-label travel technology solutions to a broad range of partners, including some of the world`s largest airlines and travel agencies, and Orbitz for Business (www.orbitzforbusiness.com) delivers managed travel solutions for companies of all sizes.




A word from Orbitz Worldwide, LLC

  • "With Oracle RightNow, we can scale and quickly deploy new customer-facing capabilities to support our numerous brands. The solution enables us to put the right, actionable information in our agents’ hands to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations for superior customer service.” – Nicholas Armstrong, Director, Global Customer Experience Products, Orbitz Worldwide, LLC

  • Support customer-service excellence, standardization, and call-center agent efficiency across 19 online travel sites, 35 unique customer portal and mobile interfaces, and 520 distribution partners worldwide.
  • Reduce costs and agent errors while improving customer-service quality
  • Deploy frequently-asked-question (FAQ) documentation across multiple customer touch points to ensure message consistency


  • Used Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to support 16 million online customer sessions and 3.8 million customer e-mails each year in 12 different languages
  • Deployed a customer-facing, online, self-service resource containing approximately 3,000 question and answer pairs that customers can easily search by keyword, category, or natural language query—providing answers on everything from bonus-mile programs to rental car cancellation policies and significantly reducing phone call and e-mail volume
  • Enabled the company to easily tune customer-facing FAQ pages to ensure customers can access the information they need in fewer clicks, allowing Orbitz to reduce inquiry calls and push customer contacts to lower-price skill groups when possible to optimize agent usage
  • Provided a comprehensive knowledgebase that enables call center agents to insert stock answers into replies, ensuring accuracy and communication consistency across all channels
  • Provided up-to-the-minute information on airline policies, reservation processes, and other critical tasks to reduce agent errors by 90%, substantially improving contact efficiency—yielding a significant return on investment for the Oracle RightNow suite
  • Introduced profile capability through Oracle RightNow Knowledge Cloud Service to provide targeted content—for example, brand- or storefront-specific processes —to agents, based on their specific service areas
  • Ensured agents have immediate access to cancellation information, waiver codes, and other pertinent information in the event of a major storm or other incident
  • Enabled Orbitz to move customer-incident tracking between internal teams and external suppliers to streamline and accelerate customer responses, while improving partner relationships
  • Enabled hotel partners to use the web-based Oracle RightNow system to submit incidents such as reservation errors and credit card problems, ensuring that Orbitz and its partners can properly handle and prioritize incidents for fast resolution
  • Enabled Orbitz to quickly deploy customer-facing and agent-facing capabilities to meet time-to-market requirements when a new storefront is launched or partner added.

Why Oracle

“We chose the Oracle RightNow suite due to the breadth of functionality, product maturity, and very specific customer support scenarios. Oracle RightNow is the best-of-breed customer service solution. We are managing a global implementation with two people, which is a testament to the scalability of the offering,” said Nicholas Armstrong, director, global customer experience products, Orbitz Worldwide, LLC

Implementation Process

Orbitz Worldwide first implemented Oracle RightNow Knowledge Cloud Service approximately twelve years ago, and over the course of the last several years has grown its Oracle RightNow footprint to include applications for agent desktops, chat, and web self-service.