PAYBACK Manages Huge Amounts of Data with a Highly Available Low-Latency Database System to Support Millions of Subscribers

PAYBACK Manages Huge Amounts of Data with a Highly Available Low-Latency Database System to Support Millions of Subscribers

PAYBACK GmbH operates the largest marketing and couponing platforms in the world—with more than 50 million subscribers in Germany, Poland, India, Italy, and Mexico. PAYBACK enables consumers to collect points in Germany at 40,000 points of sale with a single card—offline, online, and mobile channels. Subscribers can redeem points for vouchers, rewards, airline miles, or they can donate them. In 2013, customers in Germany collected points worth approximately US$240 million—96% of which have been redeemed by customers for rewards.




A word from PAYBACK GmbH

  • “In order to enter the Mexican Market, we deployed Oracle NoSQL Database as a key-value store to handle high volumes of customer loyalty operations. It enabled us to minimize the load to our Relational Database Management System which powers our Online Transaction Processing. The solution provides optimal performance while providing us with the flexibility to manage multiple data attributes.” – Frank Püchl, Senior Data Architect, PAYBACK GmbH

  • Handle millions of requests for customer loyalty coupons and card-related transactions per day under tight latency constraints—with up to 1,000 attributes or more for each PAYBACK subscriber
  • Secure efficient multichannel subscriber communication that includes personalized print, mobile, and web-based coupons
  • Achieve scalable coupon distribution and points issuance with minimum system resources
  • Ensure that storage of sensitive data complies with the company’s stringent privacy standards aimed at protecting customer and purchase information from unintended disclosure


  • Implemented Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition as a reliable database foundation for the company’s application portfolio—from subscriber login and point redemption to call center operations—efficiently processing huge transaction volumes
  • Achieved relevant, high efficiency, customer-focused multichannel marketing for millions of consumers in Mexico—keeping online, offline, and mobile communication channels synchronized throughout the entire customer journey
  • Delivered excellent data retrieval performance with minimal system resources with Oracle NoSQL Database as a key-value store to make high volumes of subscriber profile information available for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications
  • Minimized load on Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition and OLTP applications by using Oracle NoSQL Database for coupon distribution across multiple channels in Mexico, enabling the company to maximize couponing campaign return on investment
  • Enabled coupon individualization with low-latency access to coupon information while providing thousands of simultaneous consumers with fast access to their coupons across online, offline, and mobile channels
  • Achieved enterprise-class scalability with Oracle NoSQL Database—quickly adding servers when needed to extend storage capabilities without downtime
  • Deployed Oracle Advanced Security to achieve reliable, cost-effective data protection for back-up files and gain the ability to transparently encrypt data transfers

Why Oracle

“PAYBACK chose Oracle Database to build a reliable foundation for its marketing and couponing activities when the company was founded more than 10 years ago. For the entry into the Mexican Market, Oracle NoSQL Database secured the much needed scalability and data availability that allows us to achieve synchronous communication across all channels—offline, online, and mobile—and combine service coverage and personalization in an optimal manner. This way, we run couponing campaigns that address customers with the right message at the right time and the right place and maximize campaign return on investment,” said Frank Püchl, senior data architect, PAYBACK GmbH.