Pella Delivers Seamless Customer Experience, Improves Lead Conversion, Boosts Service Efficiency with Integrated Enterprise Applications
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Pella Delivers Seamless Customer Experience, Improves Lead Conversion, Boosts Service Efficiency with Integrated Enterprise Applications

Pella Corporation is an innovative leader in creating a better view for homes and businesses by designing, testing, manufacturing, and installing quality windows and doors for new construction, remodeling, and replacement applications. A family-owned company, Pella has an 88-year history of innovation and, today, is the second-largest manufacturer of windows, patio doors, entry doors, and storm doors in the country. The company has 12 manufacturing facilities in United States and window and door showrooms across the United States and Canada.




A word from Pella Corporation

  • “Pella has an advantage over our competitors, as we own the customer relationship, from the point of first contact, through to service. Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle CRM On Demand empower us to deliver a superior customer experience and make the most of that competitive edge.” – Rick Hassman, Director, Corporate Applications, Pella Corporation

  • Integrate the customer experience across the various phases of the window and door sales and service cycles to accelerate processes and improve customer satisfaction
  • Create a customer relationship management (CRM) infrastructure that could support the company as it moved beyond the builder channel, expanding into in-home sales and retail sectors for replacement windows and doors
  • Ensure seamless integration with the company’s enterprise applications as well as third-party systems, such as address validation services, delivering accurate information to the right person at the right time to insure a premium customer experience.
  • Expand business insight to enable rapidly adapted sales and marketing campaigns to improve performance


  • Increased lead and opportunity conversion rates overall for the company’s in-home, builder trade and retail channels with Oracle E-Business Suite sales and marketing applications and Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Significantly improved customer satisfaction by delivering self-service, real-time sales consultation requests, online
  • Improved sales funnel efficiency through automated lead and opportunity-nurturing cadences
  • Enabled Pella to maintain sales conversion ratios for its window and door products and remain profitable during the 2008-2011 period, during which opportunities contracted by 80%, industrywide
  • Improved the return-on-marketing with the ability to analyze the impact of campaigns and the revenue they generate and to make midcampaign changes as well as changes to future initiatives for improved results
  • Increased sales team productivity with a single source of customer information
  • Gained the ability to deliver a seamless customer experience by integrating and enabling visibility into processes, from lead generation, through manufacturing, to service―thanks to prebuilt integration between Oracle applications and solutions
  • Improved business performance and agility with the ability to analyze key sales metrics, such as close ratios, lead conversion rates, and lead-to-appointment time, enabling Pella to target areas for improvement
  • Empowered Pella to make timely business decisions as economic and market conditions change, which drove solid sales performance, such as the insight that guided the company’s strategy to focus on incentivizing leads in the pipeline during the economic downturn, as opposed to redeploying resources to focus more heavily on new lead development
  • Improved customer service and field service operation efficiency by integrating scheduling, verification, window and door installation, and customer history within Oracle for expanded visibility into the complete service lifecycle

Why Oracle

“Our selection of Oracle CRM solutions was part of a journey that we began back in 2000. At that time, we mapped a course to create an enterprise infrastructure that would enable us to integrate processes, from lead generation, through manufacturing, to service. Only Oracle could deliver on this vision then, and today the company delivers an even stronger value proposition following numerous acquisitions, including Siebel and FatWire,” said Rick Hassman, director, corporate applications, Pella Corporation.

Implementation Process

Pella took a multiphased approach to its CRM implementation and uses numerous Oracle solutions. For in-home sales lead management, it deployed Oracle Sales and Oracle Marketing, which it has integrated with a third-party quote system and Oracle WebCenter Sites. Information flows from Oracle Sales into Oracle Order Management to begin the production process.

The company runs Oracle CRM On Demand for contact management in its builder, trade, and national accounts channels, where maintaining strong, long-term relationships is critical―integrating the solution with Oracle Order Management and a third-party quoting system. It also recently deployed Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing for this same sector. Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop allows Pella’s sales users to manage opportunities and contacts in the Microsoft Outlook user interface, which has increased user adoption and usage.

Pella runs Oracle Contact Center and Oracle Field Service to schedule and manage call center, installation and service functions. Prebuilt integration with other Oracle E-Business Suite modules enables end-to-end visibility for service operations.

Continuing its CRM journey, Pella is preparing to roll out Oracle Install Base and Service Contracts. The company will use this module to drive new levels of efficiency into service operations with expanded insight into the products that customers have in place and their associated warranties. It will enable Pella to better schedule and stock parts for service calls, reducing the need for multiple technician visits.