Ping ltd. Gains Productivity for Database Management and Makes Testing More Efficient
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Ping ltd. Gains Productivity for Database Management and Makes Testing More Efficient

  • Oracle Customer:  Ping ltd.
    Location:  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Industry:  High Technology
    Employees:  65
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

Ping ltd. is one of the leading computer and information engineering companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It offers a wide range of IT services, including system and network configuration, installation, and maintenance services for a growing base of private and public companies, government agencies, and higher education institutions.

To help improve internal system operational efficiency as well the ability to perform upgrades for clients, Ping upgraded directly to Oracle Database 11g, which increased database management productivity, streamlined database testing, and simplified storage management. In addition My Oracle Support provided Ping with an outstanding support platform that enabled company to resolve customers’ system problems, faster.




A word from Ping ltd.

  • “With our upgrade to Oracle Database 11g, we have improved database management performance and simplified administration. This helps our team to deliver premium service and technical support to our clients.” ‒ Omer Jerlagić, Head, System Integration, Ping ltd.

  • Improve overall database management and administration to provide more efficient services, including software implementation and IT support, to its customers
  • Simplify storage management and improve overall database performance as a part of PING’s system administration support for its customers, eliminating data loss and slowdowns in database production
  • Improve database security to ensure that any database testing problems are resolved before they become major issues and begin to affect customers, who are mainly financial institutions that have crucial data regarding liquidity and risk
  • Improve the level of technical support expertise and service that Ping delivers, giving it an edge in an increasingly competitive IT services market


  • Increased database administrator and developer productivity and improved change and configuration management, patching, provisioning, testing, and automatic tuning with Oracle Database 11g―enabling Ping to deliver a high quality of service to its clients
  • Accelerated database testing using Oracle Real Application Testing, reducing costs and enabling faster and safer deployment of new versions of Ping’s applications
  • Improved testing cycle, overall, with the ability to test new upgrades and systems using real-life workloads, eliminating postdeployment errors, resulting in more consistent and higher quality services to customers
  • Used Oracle Automatic Storage Management to simplify storage management, eliminate data loss, and reduce management burden by automatically balancing the distribution of data in highly dynamic environments
  • Enhanced business agility using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) and its active database duplication feature which, when just a small portion of the database is affected, avoids the need to recover the entire data file and helps minimize slowdowns and performance decreases in the production database  
  • Redirect IT staff’s focus from administrative tasks to customer satisfaction and other revenue-generating activities
  • Eliminated issues and potential system downtime while improving system stability by using My Oracle Support’s best-practice advice as well as its health check, security recommendations, and product alerts and notifications
  • Improved Ping’s ability to provide clients with quality support for any Oracle product, thanks to MyOracle Support’s knowledge base, which allows quick and easy problem identification when applying customized patches and updates, thus helping to avoid system downtimes and improve overall system stability