PL Developments Improves Quality and Demand Planning Accuracy, Streamlines Compliance as It Moves into Manufacturing
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PL Developments Improves Quality and Demand Planning Accuracy, Streamlines Compliance as It Moves into Manufacturing

PL Developments is a leading supplier of over-the-counter, FDA-approved products in the analgesic, gastrointestinal, cough and cold, sleep and motion, and eye care categories. The company focuses on innovation and is committed to the well-being of its customers, consumers, employees, and the community.

PL Developments has expanded rapidly in recent years through acquisition and organic growth. Most notably, it entered the manufacturing sector, diversifying from its roots as a pharmaceutical packager and distributor.




A word from PL Developments

  • "We required sophisticated solutions to manage our complex supply chain, demand planning, product quality, enterprise performance, and regulatory requirements. Oracle delivers a unique value proposition―giving us an array of best-of-breed solutions that can’t be matched, all from a single partner." – Tom Crowe, Chief Information Officer, PL Developments

  • Create an infrastructure to support the company as it expanded from packaging and distributing pharmaceutical products into manufacturing
  • Establish a platform for enterprise quality management across the organization to design quality into products and keep failure out
  • Increase control over supply chain and demand planning, giving the make-to-stock business a competitive edge
  • Ensure the insight and agility needed to anticipate and respond quickly to changes in demand, such as a spike in medication needs due to an especially severe influenza season
  • Facilitate compliance with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations related to product development and manufacturing quality
  • Support efforts to continuously improve quality and accelerate time to market for new pharmaceutical products
  • Improve visibility into financial and product performance for continuous improvement


  • Deployed Oracle’s Agile product lifecycle management applications, including Agile Product Collaboration, Agile Product Quality Management, Agile Product Portfolio Management, and Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics to standardize and automate product documentation and quality management processes across the enterprise, streamlining FDA compliance and audits, supporting the company’s move into manufacturing, and speeding time to market
  • Benefited from integration between Oracle Quality and Agile Product Quality Management, creating an automated and accurate flow of critical information about issues, return authorizations, scrap, and more, to support corrective and preventive action initiatives and a closed-loop enterprise quality system
  • Gained the ability to manage reporting regarding quality, all from a single system for a unified view that facilitates continuous improvement and reduced IT management complexity
  • Created a centralized electronic repository for product information, replacing a spreadsheet-based process―gaining greater visibility into and control over the company’s 1,200 products, including changes to FDA-mandated drug labels and product information
  • Accelerated introducing new products―providing a competitive edge in the over-the-counter pharmaceutical sector―and supporting a 50% revenue growth with the integrated systems
  • Implemented Oracle’s Demantra Demand Management to accelerate, extend, and improve the accuracy of demand forecasting by nearly 20%–creating a strong sales and operations planning process, which is key for a make-to-stock business
  • Gained the ability to leverage external data, such as Centers for Disease Control projections, to improve visibility into demand
  • Enabled the company to plan effectively, up to six months ahead, positioning it to align resources and produce adequate quantities to capitalize on emerging opportunities
  • Improved ability to consistently meet customers’ stringent service level requirements, some of which specify a 98%-in-stock rate
  • Advanced towards goal of automating nearly one-quarter of all planning processes for improved efficiency
  • Benefited from integration between Oracle’s Demantra, Agile, and Oracle E-Business Suite solutions to enable seamless information exchange, eliminate the need to rekey information, and provide more timely insight into operations, from sales, through distribution
  • Used Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics to effectively track and assess the progress of product launches, identify sticking points, and drive process improvements moving forward
  • Deployed Oracle’s Hyperion enterprise performance management solutions and gained more granular visibility into company finances
  • Completed the annual budget in just two weeks, instead of three to four months, and cut the monthly financial close from two weeks to one week
  • Provided accurate information to financial partners in a fraction of the time and reassigned two team members to other strategic priorities
  • Used Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition Plus to analyze planning, manufacturing, and inventory operations―gaining at-a-glance visibility into the company’s critical, three-day packaging and manufacturing window―and eliminating the need for a daily production meeting

Why Oracle

“Oracle has been a great partner, and its ability to provide us with an end-to-end solution has been essential to helping us continue to grow. Oracle did the work for us by creating a natural integration between Oracle E-Business Suite, Agile, and Demantra that enables us to truly maximize our IT investment and reduce the cost of overhead, moving forward,” said Tom Crowe, chief information officer, PL Developments.

“With regard to Oracle’s Agile product lifecycle management applications, we had considered a competing solution, but it did not provide the flexibility we require and the ability to easily extract data. Agile delivered on those requirements and offered more robust workflows, to boot,” Crowe said.