Perusahaan Listrik Negara Improves Customer Service Reporting Payment Updates Every 15 Minutes Instead of Once Daily
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Perusahaan Listrik Negara Improves Customer Service Reporting Payment Updates Every 15 Minutes Instead of Once Daily

PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) is Indonesia’s state-owned electric company and is the sole electricity provider to approximately 51 million customers in all regions of the country. PLN is Indonesia's second-largest state company by assets.




A word from PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara

  • "Oracle Exadata Database Machine offers the most stable database engine on the market, and it was the only solution we considered capable of providing a high performing environment to deliver efficient billing and account management services to our 51 million customers. It accelerated our data processing speed, improved customer service, and enhanced management decision-making.” – Murtaqi Syamsuddin, Planning and Affiliate Director PT. PLN (Persero)

  • Replace slow performing, legacy IT infrastructure with a scalable, reliable, and high performance database server and storage solution to provide an integrated system for electricity billing and payments
  • Enable simple and issue-free interface with other vendor products, including IBM and HP servers
  • Improve electricity bill transaction payment speeds, enhancing customer satisfaction with billing processes
  • Increase data processing performance for handling 4 million customer queries, 1 million transactions, and 10 batch processes every day, enabling faster report generation and improved operational efficiency
  • Expand storage capacity to process 2 GB of data per day for the next five years, ensuring data security and faster backup tim


  • Gained the ability to produce and send daily customer payment reports to branches in 15 minutes instead of one day, thanks to Oracle Exadata Smart Scan’s ability to run concurrent data queries
  • Improved decision-making by providing timely, accurate, and trusted reports, such as customer online transactions, overdue bills, and regional electricity usage
  • Accelerated transactional process for recording and reconciling payments by generating faster, more reliable, and accurate customer billing data, enhancing staff and customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity for 2,000 IT staff members by reducing database administrative requirements, enabling focus on strategic initiatives
  • Achieved faster data backup and recovery by using Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliance in conjunction with Oracle Exadata for file transfer protocols and file sharing, ensuring seamless integration
  • Minimized system downtime and data loss by implementing Oracle GoldenGate real-time data replication software, ensuring the stability of the two data centers for disaster recovery, and meeting high availability service-level agreement requirements
  • Improved data security and storage capacity to process 2 GB of data every day for the next five years by providing a reliable, scalable storage system

Why Oracle

PLN chose Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2 Quarter Rack, Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliance, and Oracle GoldenGate to deliver a highly available, scalable, and reliable integrated database and storage platform to improve customer service and management decision-making.

“Oracle was the only vendor we considered, as we know its database engines are the most stable on the market,” said Murtaqi Syamsuddin “Our technical staff is highly skilled in managing Oracle products, so it was an easy decision for us to select Oracle for this implementation.”

Implementation Process

PLN began implementing Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle GoldenGate in July 2012. The new environment went live on September 30, 2012. It deployed Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliance in October 2012.

PLN staff provided user training to database administration staff to ensure timely adoption of new processes prior to deployment.