Poliris Group Provides 5,000 Real Estate Agencies 20xFaster Access for Improved Property Management
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Poliris Group Provides 5,000 Real Estate Agencies 20xFaster Access for Improved Property Management

A subsidiary of the SeLoger real estate company, Poliris Group is a French software company offering Website creation and referencing services to real estate agencies. Used by 5,000 agencies and 25,000 users, its Web-based application, Périclès.net, is the largest real estate transaction and knowledge platform in France. The application enables realtors to efficiently manage customers, prospects, and real estate properties. It also provides access to value-added services—such as making ads visible on the 15 most important, national real estate portals, automatically publishing ads in various media and conducting real estate diagnoses, like the energy performance study required by French property-sale regulations. 




A word from Poliris Group

  • “Real estate professionals require high availability and performance to access information and better manage their activities. Thanks to Oracle Database Appliance, real estate agency groups can receive answers to the most data-intensive queries 20x more quickly, which helps better support sales.” – Luc Rolland, Information Technology Director, Poliris.

  • Manage re-engineering the real-estate-transaction application hosting platform, Pericles.net, to better support increasing real estate search activity and reduce the cost of the previous server and storage architecture
  • Optimize data integration and ads published on the 15 national real estate portals, including Explorimmo.com, SeLoger.com, and OuestFranceimmo.com, to improve real estate property visibility
  • Implement an efficient disaster recovery plan to offer real estate agencies continuous access to the transactional platform, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Ensure the development of rapid commercial and valued-added services, including tools to analyze buyer-seller portfolio data and conduct automatic supply and demand services matching
  • Build an easily scalable data warehouse platform to better manage business intelligence applications
  • Reduce management and maintenance costs by streamlining information technology systems, including disaster recovery


  • Implemented Oracle Database Appliance in less than nine days to host the real estate transaction application Pericles.net, providing 5,000 agencies and 25,000 real estate professionals the high availability required to manage real estate activities, such as customer and buyer prospect registrations and real estate contracts
  • Enabled 20x faster response times for intensive real estate query loads, returning responses in four seconds and enhancing real estate agent productivity, thanks to Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Tuning Pack tools
  • Ensured 8x faster real estate ad publication from the transactional database to the SeLoger.com portal, the largest French real estate Website for individuals and professionals—reducing the time required from 1 hour and 15 minutes to only 9 minutes
  • Gained the ability to reduce disaster recovery time from five hours to 45 minutes, thanks to real-time transactional database replication between the main site and the backup site via Oracle Active Data Guard
  • Enabled Poliris Group to quickly develop new services—like automatic supply and demand matching—for real estate agencies and to provide them with a new version of the Pericles software every three years instead of every five years, thanks to Oracle’s scalable platform
  • Used Oracle Database Appliance to achieve on-demand real estate transaction platform scalability by easily adding computer processing cores and resources to facilitate hosting new commercial real estate services
  • Provided new geolocation functionalities to realtors—enabling them to find real estate by geographic sector with Oracle Spatial and Graph
  • Reduced management and maintenance costs by replacing 28 IBM x86 servers and two storage area network bays with two Oracle Database Appliances, while ensuring full data redundancy

Why Oracle

Poliris Group chose Oracle to ensure the high availability required by realtors to support real estate promotions and sales.

“We chose Oracle Database Appliance because the platform offers us the ability to increase processing power on demand to support the future development of commercial services that best meet realtor requirements. The solution enables us to add processors without ever affecting our production,” said Luc Rolland, information technology director, Poliris Group.

Implementation Process

The Oracle team completed the Oracle Database Appliance implementation in nine days, including configuration and hardware installation. Oracle managed the migration of the new database to the Oracle Database Appliance and the data replication processes with Oracle Active Data Guard to support disaster recovery.


Oracle Gold Partner, EVEA Group, recommended the Oracle Database Appliance solution to Poliris to solve issues related to increases in real estate transaction application load and to eliminate disk bottlenecks on the storage area network bay. EVEA Group also supported the project in total synergy with Oracle.

“Thanks to Oracle Database Appliance and to our partner EVEA Group, we implemented our new, critical, real estate transaction application hosting platform in less than nine days. It would have taken more than three months with another market solution,” said Luc Rolland, information technology director, Poliris Group.