Procurity Sets Foundation to Expand Competitive Advantage and Ensure Business Continuity

Procurity Sets Foundation to Expand Competitive Advantage and Ensure Business Continuity

Procurity Inc. is one of Canada's largest independent pharmacy services providers, offering full service distribution and retail programs throughout Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Northwestern Ontario. Procurity consolidates purchasing among independent pharmacies to improve operating efficiency and the ability to compete profitably. 

The company relied on Oracle’s JD Edwards OneWorld Xe to manage its procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. Since it runs its business on the JD Edwards applications, Procurity wanted to ensure continued support and looked to benefit from new functionality available in version 9. Procurity uses iPads as support devices for efficient navigation and, for the future, is looking into including mobility options and one-view reporting.

The company upgraded to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 and is benefitting in several ways. First, it ensured continued premier support from Oracle for its business-critical applications. In addition, the web-based environment makes it easier to deploy objects during the business day. Furthermore, the applications offer greater flexibility for users and more options to configure the interface to meet unique needs. For example, users can set up special searches and color code columns and rows, allowing them to do their jobs faster and more effectively. The finance team also appreciates the ability to quickly and easily extract data to Excel spreadsheets.

From an IT management perspective, the upgraded applications are also much easier to administer. The IT team can modify and deploy objects as needed during the day—often within an hour. Previously, IT staff members had to wait until after business hours to make such changes.

Moving forward, Procurity looks to take advantage of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1’s expanded functionality. For example, it plans to enable sales team members to access reports on their tablets while on the road. The company also will benefit from functionality that will help the finance team more accurately manage fixed assets.

A word from Procurity Inc.

  • "Upgrading to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 opens up a world of possibilities for us. The new system is easier to manage, and we can deploy new objects on the fly during the business day. We also look forward to taking advantage of powerful new functionality that will give our company and sales professionals a competitive advantage." – Kevin Power, Senior Developer/Configurable Network Computing/Security Administrator, Procurity Inc.



Implementation Process

Procurity limited legacy setup changes to areas where JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1’s architecture required them. The project team, working with IBM, divided work into four activity streams: configurable network computing, retrofitting customer objects, testing, and training. 

Procurity had a small number of custom JD Edwards objects that it had to retrofit in version 9.1. To ensure the code base remained current, it identified the modifications in Xe and then manually applied them to the corresponding objects in 9.1.

A team of Procurity’s functional subject matter experts tested the upgraded system. The group used the test scripts developed for the company’s original implementation, modifying existing scripts and adding new ones to accommodate process changes since the original implementation. The team went through two rounds of testing—the first to validate core functionality and the second to verify the data conversions and interfaces to external systems. 


IBM Global Business Services worked with Procurity throughout the upgrade process, providing valuable insight and technical resources in each of the activity streams.

First, the IBM team helped Procurity configure the new software on its disaster recovery server and then migrated data from the legacy system to the new environment. IBM then tuned for performance.

Since Procurity had a small number of custom JD Edwards objects that required retrofitting, the IBM team identified the modifications in the JD Edwards OneWorld Xe software and manually applied them to the corresponding objects in version 9.1. In addition, IBM consultants supported Procurity subject matter experts in testing the upgraded JD Edwards system.

IBM also was involved with training. Procurity’s assumption was that once users became familiar with the web interface, they would have little or no difficulty performing their jobs using it. It used the testing team to successfully validate its training approach after IBM delivered a two-hour navigation training session. Prior to go-live, each user received the same two-hour navigation session.

The project went very smoothly. IBM completed the project one week ahead of schedule and under budget.