Profource Improves Competitive Advantage, Limits Human Resources Management Costs by 30% with Next-Generation Applications
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Profource Improves Competitive Advantage, Limits Human Resources Management Costs by 30% with Next-Generation Applications

  • Oracle Customer:  Profource
    Location:  Dordrecht, The Netherlands
    Industry:  High Technology
    Employees:  250
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

As a financial holding company, Profource is the owner of Fit 4 Finance and Oracle Competence Center. Both companies provide specialized Oracle applications and technology services to companies and institutions. Profource also offers services that optimize business and accounting processes as well as IT architecture and infrastructure. Profource is commited to its customers’ goals for the projects it manages. Its employees are posted on location or can deliver complete services through outsourced processes and/or systems.

Fit 4 Finance and Profource’s Oracle Competence Center was founded in 2002 to outsource specialists that support Oracle E-Business Suite for companies and institutions to improve their business processes. Such services include supporting financial processes and controlling financial data, as well as offering implementation advice and operational management support during Oracle E-Business Suite implementations. The company also offers training on Oracle systems.




A word from Profource

  • “Implementing Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management helped us create a centralized, highly efficient environment to manage and develop our employees, while improving our competences and competitive advantage, as well as decreasing costs.” – Berry Clemens, Director, Profource

  • Support growth by enhancing the human capital management (HCM) system, so that employees had more opportunities expand their skill sets as providers of specialized support to companies and institutions by delivering services for Oracle applications and technology
  • Standardize and automate HCM administration to optimize professionals’ assignments, based on availability and specific competences in accounting, Oracle architecture, or Oracle infrastructure
  • Deploy a comprehensive system that meets specific HCM requirements, such as deploying the correct skill set to avoid complex integrations between various standalone systems that are expensive to build and maintain


  • Centralized information about employee competencies and achievements, previously spread over a heterogeneous environment, allowing better and faster employee assignments to projects that resulted in a strong competitive advantage in the IT services market
  • Saved 10% to 15% by using self-service and talent development, and saved 40% though better training and improved integration for time and expense reporting
  • Reduced back-office-related costs for HCM, bringing costs under the targeted percentage of the company’s revenue with ability to continue decreasing this ratio as the company grows, thanks to a centralized system
  • Achieved a holistic and integrated view of the complete HCM environment by adapting a single, standardized, companywide HCM system, resulting in an up-to-date view for better assignments of IT talent

Why Oracle

Profource chose Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management based on the solution’s functionality to better manage, support and develop employee competence.