PSG Hospitals Replicates Data in Real Time, Accelerates System Performance by 90%, and Improves Data Accuracy
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PSG Hospitals Replicates Data in Real Time, Accelerates System Performance by 90%, and Improves Data Accuracy

PSG Hospitals is a 900-bed, multispecialty teaching hospital located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The campus has medical, nursing, physiotherapy, and pharmacy colleges with nearly 2,000 students.




A word from PSG Hospitals

  • “PSG Hospitals has successfully partnered with Oracle for more than 15 years, so we knew the best solution for our business was selecting Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle Database to consolidate our disparate systems and improve data integrity. We have improved data accuracy, accelerated data retrieval by 90%, and achieved real-time replication for medical records and information.” – R.K. Selvakumar, Senior Database Administrator and Head of Department - IT, PSG Hospitals

  • Integrate multiple disparate systems to manage reporting and analyze clinical services to improve enterprise data visibility across hospital training departments, such as physiotherapy and nursing
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of reporting processes for student training and assessments by eliminating system downtime and enhancing data security


Oracle Product and Services

  • Accelerated data retrieval by 90%, enabling rapid access to training and medical reports with Oracle GoldenGate’s real-time data integration for the data warehouse
  • Improved database performance by up to 90% for 100 internal users, enabling rapid retrieval of information, such as medical training records
  • Enhanced accuracy by automating data consolidation from multiple systems in real time with Oracle GoldenGate across numerous medical training departments, including physiotherapy
  • Delivered access to real-time enterprise data and reporting through management and staff dashboard, slashing reporting time and improving insight into medical training and performance status
  • Eliminated system downtime and improved information security through Oracle GoldenGate’s zero-downtime migration for medical reporting databases

Why Oracle

PSG Hospitals selected Oracle based on a successful relationship of more than 15 years.

“We were the first company in the region to work with Oracle and have had a successful partnership for many years,” said R.K. Selvakumar, senior database administrator and head of department - IT, PSG Hospitals. “We did not consider any competitors, as we were comfortable with Oracle. We are satisfied with performance and Oracle’s ongoing support and expertise.”

Implementation Process

PSG Hospital began the implementation for Oracle GoldenGate in November 2012 and completed it on time. The system went live in January 2013.


PSG Hospital engaged Oracle partner Cambridge Technology Enterprises to manage implementation, coordinate testing with its IT team, and provide training to 100 staff members from PSG Hospitals.

“Cambridge Technology Enterprises provided support during the implementation,” Selvakumar said. “The team helped us to achieve database performance benefits and improve our information management with Oracle GoldenGate.”