Qi Rong Pu Hui (Beijing) Technology Cuts Customers’ IT Costs by 30% and Increases System Availability Fourfold
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Qi Rong Pu Hui (Beijing) Technology Cuts Customers’ IT Costs by 30% and Increases System Availability Fourfold

Qi Rong Pu Hui (Beijing) Technology Ltd. (Qi Rong) is a subsidiary of China Union Financial Service Group (CUFS). The company provides CUFS and other financial institutions with a core banking platform, as well as outsourcing and IT services. It also manages its own data centers in four locations in China.

Qi Rong implemented Oracle hardware, middleware, and software—including Oracle Exadata, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition, and Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking—to develop a highly available, managed core banking service (MCBS) solution targeted for midsize banks.

MCBS is a secure, stable, and high-performance software-as-a-service (SaaS) system, which can host a number of specially developed financial modules in a private or public cloud. The system provides Qi Rong’s customers with comprehensive, cost-effective, and best-practice solutions for banking services, including core banking, online banking, marketing, and product management. It also enables customers to conduct business analytics.




A word from Qi Rong Pu Hui (Beijing) Technology Ltd.

  • “We evaluated other vendors, such as IBM, but recognize that Oracle products are more robust than others in the market. By developing our cloud-based banking solution using Oracle hardware, middleware, and software, we have cut our customers’ IT costs by 30% and increased system availability fourfold.” – Liang Yingjie, Chief Technology Officer, Qi Rong Pu Hui (Beijing) Technology Ltd

  • Meet the needs of an increasing number of banks that are looking to outsource IT management and administration
  • Stay ahead of the market competition by providing secure, highly-performing, and cost-effective IT services to midsize banks
  • Enable customers to focus on business development, marketing efforts, and improving service capacity
  • Ensure banks can provide best-practice financial services to clients
  • Meet regulatory requirements for 99.95% availability in core banking systems


  • Achieved up to 10x faster core banking batch processing speeds and 12x faster data warehousing speeds for MCBS with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, compared to the legacy IBM platform
  • Ensured 99.975% availability for the SaaS MCBS solution with Oracle Exadata and Oracle WebLogic Server, easily meeting the mandated 99.95% availability
  • Cut customers’ IT operational, maintenance, and administration costs by 30% by providing private or public cloud services through an outsourced operational team
  • Increased the availability of customers’ banking systems fourfold, using Oracle Exadata and Oracle WebLogic Server’s clustering technology
  • Reduced MCBS customers’ disaster recovery time objectives by 40% with Oracle GoldenGate running on Oracle Exadata
  • Enabled customers to develop new financial products and services more than 33% faster—in six months, compared to nine months
  • Improved reporting environment stability by running Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher on Oracle Exadata
  • Streamlined and simplified system management by using Oracle WebLogic Server’s service-oriented architecture and made it easier for deploying or managing core banking services
  • Ensured banking customers can provide optimal financial services by using a core banking system based on best-practices and 100%-integrated Oracle technology

Why Oracle

Qi Rong evaluated a number of database, middleware, and application software products from local and international vendors for its MCBS solution, including IBM, Digital China, and Kingdee. The company chose Oracle solutions because of its confidence in the strength and vitality of the products.

“As an Oracle partner, we have been devoted to Oracle software since we first implemented Oracle E-Business Suite for a customer in 2004,” said Liang Yingjie, chief technology officer, Qi Rong Pu Hui (Beijing) Technology Ltd. “With our rich experience in the technology industry, we know Oracle products are more robust than others in the market. Oracle also has a better reputation and is a stronger brand.”

Implementation Process

Qi Rong began developing MCBS in October 2010. The company worked closely with Oracle’s core solution and software application teams, as well as Oracle Consulting, to ensure a smooth implementation, integration, and verification processes.

MCBS went live in April 2011 running on an IBM platform. The company upgraded to Oracle Exadata in October 2011.