RedeHost Updates Database and Quadruples Backup Speed, Benefiting 25,000 Customers

RedeHost Updates Database and Quadruples Backup Speed, Benefiting 25,000 Customers

  • Oracle Customer:  RedeHost
    Location:  Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
    Industry:  High Technology
    Employees:  130

RedeHost specializes in Website hosting solutions; domain registration; e-mail marketing; cloud servers; and e-mail exchange for companies, professionals, and individuals. It strives to provide top-notch infrastructure, a full range of hosted management services, flexible plans, and rigorous service level agreements (SLAs). Founded in 2002, RedeHost serves more than 60,000 customers and hosts more than 130,000 Websites from its headquarters.

As a Website hosting company, RedeHost’s core business and its customer service quality depend on the availability and performance of its IT infrastructure. As the company grew, it saw the need to automate IT infrastructure management and decided to migrate to Oracle’s MySQL Enterprise Edition from MySQL Community Edition version, which it had used since its founding.

The new version enabled RedeHost to adopt better monitoring practices, improve service, ensure SLA compliance, and complete system backups 4x faster. The hosted services provider’s simplified data recovery and monitoring gains led to the quicker identification of database use problems, making the company more proactive in solving problems. As important, new automation capabilities freed up half of the staff previously dedicated to database management.




A word from RedeHost

  • “The big gain we got by adopting Oracle’s MySQL Enterprise Edition was the acquisition of a more robust and reliable backup tool, as well as automated monitoring. We can add value for customers and anticipate situations that cause slowdowns. This means the difference between being reactive or being proactive, which is essential to a hosted services business.” – Cristiano Diedrich, OpenSource Infrastructure Analyst, RedeHost

  • Upgrade the company’s IT infrastructure, which is at the heart of the IT hosting services company, to ensure high performance and reliability for the environment on which its business customers run their enterprise applications
  • Improve server uptime, robustness, and availability, especially during backup windows, when performance would dip
  • Automate operations, such as system monitoring, making the company more proactive in solving problems that can arise around things such as bottlenecks and memory allocation


Oracle Product and Services

  • Implemented Oracle’s MySQL Enterprise Edition, facilitating database management and monitoring that enable RedeHost to fulfill SLAs that commit it to keeping customer Websites available 99.8% of the time
  • Quadrupled backup speed through a more robust and reliable tool, leading to faster data recovery and more system availability and process transparency for customers
  • Improved customer support, making it possible to rapidly identify slow queries and act in a proactive manner
  • Enhanced problem prevention due to My SQL Enterprise Edition tools that allow support staff to act in a preventative manner and monitor database, disk and memory use and space, avoiding downtime and slowdowns, resulting in better service and a higher customer-satisfaction level
  • Optimized the team that had previously been dedicated to database management, since there is less demand for support and the company can therefore free up 50% of its resources and the remaining staff must spend only 20% of its time on database maintenance
  • Enabled infrastructure consolidation, avoiding unnecessary energy costs and premature hardware acquisition

Why Oracle

“When we decided to migrate to MySQL Enterprise Edition, we thought about the quality service that Oracle had always provided us. Even before we had Oracle Premier Support, the company made itself very accessible for consultations. MySQL, Enterprise Edition is one of the most popular and most used databases in the world. We decided to deploy the enterprise version due to its ability to add value to our product and make our infrastructure more reliable and robust. In addition, My SQL Enterprise Edition does not require high-end platforms or clusters and is a light, flexible, adaptable, user-friendly database management tool,” said Cristiano Diedrich, OpenSource Infrastructure Analyst, RedeHost.

Implementation Process

“During the migration to MySQL Enterprise Edition, the prior knowledge we had gained using the MySQL Community Edition version helped, but the support we received from Oracle was crucial. This type of implementation in a company with our type of core business is always critical, since time windows are short and we cannot have failures or service interruptions for our customers. We therefore set up another environment in which we replicated our production structure. In this way, the go-live moment occurred naturally and smoothly, both for our customers and for RedeHost,” Diedrich said.