ResCare, Inc. Transforms Reporting to Improve Healthcare Service Performance
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ResCare, Inc. Transforms Reporting to Improve Healthcare Service Performance

  • Oracle Customer:  ResCare, Inc.
    Location:  Louisville, KY
    Industry:  Healthcare
    Employees:  50,000
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

ResCare, Inc., with more than 35 years of experience, is one of the largest providers of home care to the elderly and people with disabilities. It offers residential and support services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and provides education, vocational training, and job placement for people of all ages and skill levels. ResCare serves more than a million people each year at thousands of locations across the United States and in a number of international locations.

Beginning in 2008, ResCare recognized challenges in measuring its performance given its tremendous growth. It maintained scorecards manually for 65 different metrics—from quality, to fleet metrics, to financials. The scorecards took one full-time employee six-to-eight weeks to compile manually for quarterly distribution. In 2010, ResCare focused on expanding its business intelligence (BI) capabilities to enable more informed, strategic decisions based on key performance indicators. The company looked to improve the efficiency and timeliness of its operational scorecard reporting to empower its decision-makers.

ResCare selected Oracle and deployed Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, along with Oracle Financial Analytics and Oracle Human Resources Analytics. IT worked with KPMG, an Oracle Partner, to design the BI system and integrate numerous source systems, including the company’s Oracle E-Business Suite system. Today, ResCare leaders have access to nine dashboard pages and more than 100 reports, which highlight areas under their control that are and are not meeting target metrics to enable early intervention and quickly make improvements.

My Oracle Support offers ResCare’s users easy access to detailed product information in the knowledge base, such as details on best practice configurations. Users can also access templates, patches, and troubleshooting strategies. Those requiring more help can submit a request ticket to Oracle for direct support from Oracle Premier Support or—for more complex needs—to Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services.




A word from ResCare, Inc.

  • “With Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, we have replaced a manual scorecard process with an integrated system that provides fast, accurate data—in some cases on a daily basis—along with the ability for all levels of management to see key business metrics as soon as they are available. Management can now monitor performance more efficiently and, therefore, react faster to make improvements that translate into higher quality client care and fiscal performance.” – Joe Lichtefeld, Vice President of Application Services, ResCare, Inc.

  • Replace a manual reporting system to provide enhanced visibility into quality of care and profitability—crucial insight for a human services company operating in an ever-changing competitive healthcare industry
  • Reduce time required to compile and deliver scorecard information to business users by removing manual calculations
  • Empower employees―ranging from senior executives to more than 200 directors overseeing daily operations at more than 4,000 service delivery sites across the country―with timely information to make real improvements


  • Deployed Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Financial Analytics, and Oracle Human Resource Analytics to establish a single source of the truth for financial, operational, and service quality intelligence
  • Integrated data from key sources, including Oracle E-Business Suite, to facilitate timely reporting on numerous predefined metrics, such as care quality indicators and financial measures
  • Provided more than 200 users across various levels and lines of business with actionable information
  • Delivered nine dashboard pages and more than 100 reports, charts, and graphs covering quality, staff, cost, risk, revenue, sales, and forecast, as well as specific operational and financial data for each user’s home healthcare line of business
  • Gained the ability to deliver reports and metrics to managers and executives at the right time, which may be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on the metric
  • Replaced a manual, Microsoft application-based quarterly scorecard process that required one full-time employee working on it for six-to-eight weeks with an integrated, automated process that delivers timely information on a right-time basis
  • Accelerated quarterly performance report delivery from two months after quarter-end close to something far more frequent (right time data)
  • Provided guided navigation to help users identify measures that are not within tolerable levels and then to quickly take action
  • Accelerated billing cycle by confirming scheduled homecare visits were completed within 48 hours
  • Saved more than five months in development time, thanks to Oracle’s process-specific data models and prebuilt reports and dashboards, as well as KPMG’s rapid deployment methodology
  • Achieved quick user uptake of the easy-to-learn-and-use applications and received positive feedback from senior management
  • Relied on My Oracle Support, Oracle Premier Support, and Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services during implementation and following deployment, helping to reduce burden on the IT team to gather product information manually and reduce risk by quickly resolving any problems

Why Oracle

The company wanted an easy-to-use reporting solution capable of bringing in numerous data sources and presenting data in a dashboard format. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications met all functional and technical requirements. ResCare has also been an Oracle customer since 1992 and recognized the benefit from the ease of integration.

“I have been in IT for more than 30 years. During that time, I can count on one hand the tools that fully met their marketing promises,” said George C. Watts, chief information officer, ResCare, Inc. “I can say without a doubt that Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition meets the marketing promise. We already gained actionable management information that was not possible before, and we have only scratched the surface. There is so much more to come.”

Implementation Process

At the same time ResCare was evaluating a software solution, it began to search for an implementation partner. Based on its proven methodology, proof of concept, rapid deployment methodology, and previous customer success, ResCare selected KPMG.

From the beginning of the project, collaboration and knowledge transfer were paramount. While the ResCare team was proficient in Oracle software and infrastructure technology, it had virtually no experience with Oracle’s BI tools. Also, the ResCare technical team had to continue to perform day-to-day tasks and responsibilities while learning the new BI tools.

ResCare’s IT staff worked side-by-side with KPMG practitioners throughout the entire implementation and are now very knowledgeable about Oracle’s BI solutions.

During the first two weeks of the project, KPMG and ResCare focused on developing a detailed project plan as part of KPMG’s BI RapidSolution approach, which included a series of quick wins throughout the project. Phase I included implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and integration of key data sources, including Oracle E-Business Suite. Based on the first phase’s success, the project has expanded to include additional reporting and a second phase of source integration, which will bring in the company’s scheduling and billing systems as well as other applications. ResCare is also in the final stages of replacing an end-of-life financial reporting system with Oracle Essbase.


  • Oracle Partner

 ResCare partnered with KPMG because of its industry-leading BI expertise and its RapidSolution approach, which enabled ResCare to mitigate the common risks associated with BI projects. KPMG drew upon its considerable BI and ERP experience to provide proven recommendations for the most effective and efficient implementation.

“It's not just a BI implementation. You need a system to help you get there, but the system can't do it for you. To be successful, you need a partner with expertise in the BI tool, along with a deep understanding of your ERP source systems. That’s what we found in KPMG,” said Joe Lichtefeld, vice president of Application Services, ResCare, Inc. “KPMG helped create our long-term BI roadmap and then helped us achieve it in a way that met our priorities and constraints. Bottom line: the expertise required to fully understand the relationship of critical data and business processes across the entire enterprise is paramount to successfully designing and implementing a BI solution.”