Taleo Powers Recruiting at Rolls-Royce
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Taleo Powers Recruiting at Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is a global leading provider of power systems and services for use on land, at sea, and in the air. Working across the civil and defense aerospace worlds – as well as the marine, nuclear, and energy industries – Rolls-Royce has offices, manufacturing, and service facilities in 50 countries and the company currently employs around 39,000 people worldwide.

Having identified a need to refine and strengthen its recruitment and onboarding activities, Rolls-Royce began an organization-wide initiative to find a vendor that would be able to help it deliver best in class talent management, analytics, and reporting services.

In searching for a vendor that could meet those needs, Rolls-Royce’s Head of Global Resourcing Services, Jeff Lackey identified some clear primary requirements. “We were looking for a vendor that could provide a global recruitment technology solution, improve our ability to attract high quality external and internal candidates, provide us with the capability to deliver simple global metrics/reports on our performance, and deliver a system that could be used to help enhance our ability to penetrate the talent market¬place,” says Lackey.

At the same time Rolls-Royce – by the nature of the industries in which it operates – had a number of supporting requirements. Any solution would need to meet the very rigorous constraints of the company’s IT security policy, as well as providing Jeff and his team with the ability to meet the requirements of their own internal customers.

“There are three questions that really matter,” says Lackey. “How easy is our service to use, does it enable us better access to the talent market, and will it help us to serve customers with different governmental and security regulations globally.”

Another important element was the provision of a common global platform as part of the solution. While Rolls-Royce in the US and Canada had access to one system for its needs, other territories around the world were using disparate solutions, and some had no access to a professional system at all, instead relying on simple office-level databases for tracking recruitment activity. Using multiple systems was not only costly and difficult to maintain, but also proved hard to get consistent reports from.

As a brand that is synonymous with excellence and innovation, Rolls-Royce wanted to deliver a first-class experience for candidates, using incisive reporting to refine and evolve its recruitment practices.

Decisions and Deployment

A word from Rolls-Royce

  • “The general consensus is that Taleo is probably one of the best deployments of HR IT in our global organization.” – Jeff Lackey, Head of Global Resourcing Services, Rolls-Royce

When Jeff and his team began looking for a partner that could meet these specific needs, they wanted to make sure that the search and decision would be representative of the business as a whole. “We brought together a diverse group of individuals representing every major region and multiple functions of Rolls-Royce to be a part of the selection team,” says Lackey. This group of 12 people made a unanimous decision to choose Taleo, based on the very specific criteria set out in advance.

As well as the challenges outlined above, Taleo’s flexibility was another key part of the choice according to Libby Hayworth-Lenne, Global Design Lead for Rolls-Royce. “The system needed to be flexible enough to allow for regional legal and compliance processes, as well as cultural differences, and Taleo was the best choice for that.” The panel also found that Taleo was one of the few products that was able to meet the very high-standards of IT security outlined by Rolls-Royce.

With the decision made, Taleo provided consultancy for the UK, US, and Canada rollouts of the software. With the Rolls-Royce deployment team gaining essential experience alongside Taleo consultants during these initial rollouts, Taleo was then able to hand the reins over to Rolls-Royce for the remaining global implementation. In nine months, three quarters of the workforce, about 29,000 employees, were online with Taleo in three countries.

When it came to gathering feedback on the deployment, while there were some understandable challenges to overcome, the response was positive: “Our head of IT at the time called out Taleo as one of the leading HR implementation success stories in Rolls-Royce. It is still considered today to be well thought out, well deployed, and well implemented and the general consensus is that it is probably one of the best deployments of HR IT in our global organization,” says Lackey.

Delivery and Results

Lessons Learned




  • Design global metrics and analytics
  • Design and implement a global applicant tracking system and career portal for use in multiple Rolls-Royce locations worldwide
  • Boost operational recruitment performance while elevating the candidate experience
  • Maximize the ability of Rolls-Royce to attract talented individuals from outside the organization reducing its reliance on external hiring agencies
  • Provide efficient and effective integration with existing vendors for background, drug and alcohol checks and agency support


Oracle Product and Services

  • Taleo Recruiting
  • Taleo Reporting
  • Global web-based recruiting capabilities and a powerful online hiring presence
  • Automated and streamlined processes
  • Improved candidate interactions
  • Reduction of manual administration
  • Easier management of a global pool of talent
  • Reduced use of agency support
  • Improved Talent Intelligence
  • Improved internal mobility
This story was originally published on Taleo.com.